YouTube Gaming : Streaming Specs and Details


Jared Epicpower aka Lobsterwood has the innies and the outies at E3 of what you can expect from YouTube’s upcoming streaming service that will be rivaling Twitch TV and by the way things have been going during these live presentations, YouTube Gaming seems like a service to look forward to in the near future.


In the last few days I’ve ran into a few people on Twitch chats, that where watching the conferences and all their E3 live content on YouTube because it was that much smoother and I could do nothing more than agree, because every stream was out of the ball park worthy. The only thing that had been keeping us at Twitch was the fact that it is where our friends and favorite streamers reside, but that’s a easy transition and one our favorite streamers will be willing to make once they get hands on with Googles new streaming service, that is dedicated to GAMERS. And if YouTube Gaming is any  bit as amazing as these E3 streams have been, I wouldn’t doubt their dedication in making YouTube Gaming the first place to go to for your streaming needs.


 YouTube Gaming will Feature11350251_10101448558239691_643392157_n

15 sec latency


60 FPS


really slick Interface


Similar format and functions as the YouTube apps we have installed on our phones and tablets, Plays on the right of the upper screen as you go to the menu or use the search function and is closed with a swipe to the left.


Live Streamers logo is in color and when you go offline it transitions into gray-scale.




Drop in ads, that are schedule able to your needs.


Your channels will be eligible for a “Tip Jar” – a one time donation per viewer, but is possible to change as time passes and the service gets down to it’s core, also goes to ad-sense and hooks up to google wallet.


Epicpower Gaming will keep you tuned into more news on the service and possibly bring you an interview from Jared Epicpower in the near future from the champs behind YouTube Gaming.