You can now watch Star Wars with BB-8!

If you have a Sphero BB-8 sitting on your desk, you can now watch The Force Awakens and he’ll react with different parts of the movie. Neat!

The new application update adds the “Watch With Me” feature and allows your droid to react, enjoy and love the movie just as much as you. All you have to do is place the BB-8 on the charging base, connect to the app and select “Watch With Me” in the main menu. BB-8 will then react during certain parts of the movie.

Sphero BB-8 update

patch notes from the Sphero BB-8 Android app

I’m pretty excited that more functionality has been added to my $150 droid. I haven’t used him since December and I’m still waiting for more functionality that comes with other Spheros. If you have one and you also have the Blu-Ray, you can get a little more functionality out of him.