Will the Nintendo Switch be Dead on Arrival?

Nintendo switch console

The Nintendo Switch is officially coming out on March 3, 2017 at $299 US. But is it what gamers want?

The Switch has been in the works and known to the public since E3 of 2015 as the Nintendo NX. Rumors swirled for a full year until Nintendo officially named it the Switch in October. But outside of the name and the general release date, we didn’t know what the Switch would really do. Then, late night Thursday, January 12, 2017 Nintendo finally confirmed a lot of information about their new console.

I don’t know about you, but I pre-ordered the neon version of the Switch at 12:30am and then promptly went to bed.

Why I’m excited for the Nintendo Switch

Play Switch on the go or on the Couch.

The Nintendo Switch is a console that I have been looking forward to since it was officially revealed in October. The main draw for me is that the Switch is portable. I live in a tiny apartment with my wife and my dog which has room for only on television set. Sharing the TV has been a struggle but the Wii U had helped. I could play games on the couch while she watched TV. The drawback however is that certain games like Splatoon and Star Fox Zero require the gamepad and TV to work together. The Switch eliminates this allowing you to play on the slate screen or TV with no change in gameplay.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a launch title.

Awesome news for a new Zelda at launch. I was hoping either for a Mario or Zelda at launch and this has been a game that I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced. Excluding HD remakes, we’ve been without a new canon Zelda since Skyward Sword came out for the Wii five years ago. The Wii U will get Breath of the Wild as well, but since the sultry Master’s Edition will be Switch exclusive so that’s the one that I am going to get. Expect the Wii U version not be as desirable as the Switch version.

Why I’m not excited for the Nintendo Switch

Full system specs STILL unknown

With all the information that was revealed over the past couple of days, we still don’t know the internal specs or hardware. We know that the storage is 32GB that’s expandable to 256GB with a micro SD card. While NVIDIA has confirmed that they are making a custom chip based off the X1, but clock speed, ram and other graphical specs are still speculated. Specs aren’t really a concern for me when it comes to Nintendo consoles, but I would like to have information out just to have.

Launch titles are scarce.

The Nintendo Switch day one line up is simple. 4 games are going to be available for purchase on day 1. While one of those titles is a full Zelda title, there isn’t much to be excited about on day one. Third party support is promised, but I’m not too excited about games coming out within the next six months. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in April might be alluring but hopefully Yuka-Laylee and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will come out before September of 2017.

Online features and eShop are still a mystery.

Very little was said about Nintendo’s online features except that it would cost money in the fall and voice would come from an app on your phone. It’s really hard to see where Nintendo is going with this because the details are scarce.
Will we be able to transfer our eShop purchases from the Wii U to the Switch or are they tied to the console again? Will Gamecube games be available? What about the rumored Mother 3? Reggie has stated that there is still more to be revealed as the launch date approaches.

It’s been 3 days since the Switch has been fleshed out and depending on who you ask, the Nintendo Switch is doomed or Nintendo’s saving grace. I’m stuck in the middle. I want the Switch to succeed because I enjoy Nintendo IP and their interesting takes on consoles. Time will tell if Nintendo can convince a lot of people that this is the system to buy. A March release is odd for a console, but not out of bounds for a handheld. I personally can’t wait to get mine and play Zelda for 5 days straight.

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    haven’t you played enough cel shaded open worlders the past decade? just because nintendo is very late to the draw i should give them a pass? if they released this zelda in 2003 it would have been a sensation. but now,… i don’t see me playing through the zelda formula again. it is dead. stale. and only driven by some kind of nostalgia feeling. good for nintendo. bad for gamers.