Why is Battletoads so expensive?

For the past 2-3 years, retro video games (PS2 and Older) have been rising in price and popularity and it seems that not too many people know why. With Gamestop finally throwing its hat in the ring, the retro video game market has finally hit its stride. Battletoads is an incredibly difficult game, and the two player mode was broken. The series only has 4 titles (the last being Battletoads & Double Dragon released in 1993.) and attempts to capitalize on the game’s brand fell flat with an ill-fated cartoon show that has only one episode. So why is Battletoads expensive? Well why is anything popular these days? The internet.

No one really knows how things like this catch on, but one of the reasons that Battletoads is expensive is because it’s a popular meme. According to Know Your Meme, in September 2007, Anonymous targeted numerous Gamestops and started making prank call requests for BattleToads 2, Battletoads for the Wii and some other oddball requests. Many Lulz were had and even today when I say that I work in a retro video game store, the first question people ask is “Do you have Battletoads?”

Yes, we do sometimes have Battletoads in stock. I currently have it in my collection. It’s a difficult yet fun game that every collector must have in their NES collection. But is Battletoads expensive because of a meme? Not really. The meme is 7 years old and prices for this game didn’t really take off until about 2 years ago with the rest of the NES titles.

So the real reason that this game is expensive is that it’s popular and desirable. It’s currently trending at about 25 dollars loose, which is actually a pretty good price to pay for a good game. Prices will continue to rise, so if you see a copy of Battletoads for 25 dollars or less, buy it! It’s bound to go up with the impending announcement of an HD remake in June.