What I want from the new Zelda

Legend of Zelda NX

Nintendo will feature the new Legend of Zelda this week at E3 this year. This is their only content that they’ll be showing this year so it better be good.

For those of you who have been out of the loop, the next generation Zelda was announced around this time in 2014 and details have been pretty scarce ever since. The general idea was that this would be a completely open area game like Skyrim instead of the linear style that fans are used to. The game appeared to still have the Zelda touch to it and would utilize the Wii U’s features. Time has passed and the game has been delayed to the point that it will most likely be a launch title for the new Nintendo console; the Nintendo NX. While we’ve had a really great Zelda title in Link Between Worlds, it’s time for big console adventure. Here’s what I want.

The new Zelda must feature a new story line and formula

Nintendo has a really big habit of taking proven franchises and essentially rebooting it for the next gen every couple of years. They did it with Star Fox Zero, they re-use the same basic tropes with Mario and they’ll probably do it with Zelda. Again.

Please don’t, Nintendo. Please come out with a new Zelda that makes me fall in love with the franchise again. Please come up with a new, expansive story where I don’t have to fight Gannon in the same way that I fought him in Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and to a lesser extent, Wind Waker.

I’m getting sick of playing the same basic game with better graphics over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, those Zelda games are fun, but it seems that Nintendo just doesn’t want to take too extreme of a risk even though Majora’s Mask was an excellent sequel to Ocarina of Time. And I know they take risks with handhelds, it’s time to bring that creativity to consoles.

I’d be totally OK playing a female hero in Legend of Zelda

It’s CURRENT YEAR and franchises are cashing in on the female lead because that’s the it thing to do. People are going bezerker about Ghostbusters, but that’s more to do with the fact that it’s a reboot (see paragraph above) than the stellar female cast. The internet loves controversy, but I personally would be totally cool playing a Heroine of Time for this round of Legend of Zelda. The only caveat is that we don’t just slap boobs on Link and call it a day.

Give us the option to play Zelda herself or maybe even Impa, Zelda’s body guard. Give us those two charcters to play gives Nintendo the freedom to change up gameplay while still keeping the Legend of Zelda charm. Link doesn’t all of a sudden have mystic powers, Zelda has always had them and so does Impa. This would also give players a new look into the Legend of Zelda universe.

Impa Zelda NX

Who wouldn’t want to see an Impa based Zelda. We know almost nothing about her

The best would be to be given the option to play all 3 and have the gameplay and story change with each character. Zelda would be long range, Impa close quarters combat and Link the middle between the two.

Don’t make Zelda rely too much on motion controls

Alright – it’s been about 10 years since the Wii came out and changed gameplay forever. Well not really forever because everybody’s gone back to the classic controller and nothing else. Motion controls have been proven a gimmick and it’s pretty hard to come up with a robust game that uses those type of controls naturally enough not to distract from the core game.

I really like that the gamepad served as an always on menu/map for Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Even shooting the bow feels more accurate, but that’s as far as I want the motion controls/gamepad to come into the game here. I would be every so grateful if they would let us use the Pro Controller that’s amazing but gets no use from games because I have to use the bulky gamepad all the time.

More Amiibo function in Zelda, please.

Right now Amiibos are pretty interesting way to sell DLC. The Twilight Princess Amiibo unlocked a new dungeon which had people worried that Nintendo was going the evil route of the other developers and release half assed games and then sell you the rest in 13 dollar increments. Thar doesn’t seem to be the case with the Amiibo. For the most part, Amiibos don’t really offer too much in terms of game breaking content. You don’t need the Amiibo to enjoy the game, but if you’re interested in new skins or some items, you can totally use them at your leisure. Plus, they’re little statues of your favorite character which can be placed on your shelf when not in use.

A new Zelda series of Amiibos would look really nice on my shelf and also add some content to the new game. Who wouldn’t want to play more dungeons in Zelda? Cool weapons or different spells to unlock wouldn’t be so bad either.

Legend of Zelda NX amiibo

Legend of Zelda has a deep character roster that’s ripe for Amiibo

Let’s make Legend of Zelda Great Again

The Legend of Zelda series along with other Nintendo IPs has been stagnant for far too long. Rehashed HD remakes are getting too old. We need a new Zelda that reinvigorates the old fans and gets new fans interested in the wonderful backlog of Zelda games on the previous systems. If this story is basically the same as the past 3 major Zeldas, what’s the point of making a new one? We already have 3 versions of Twilight Princess and 2 versions of Wind Waker.

I want this next Zelda to be different from all the previous Zeldas but still familiar. Keep the lore that you have established over the past 30 years and build something new. Take chances with an established IP instead of playing it safe and re-releasing the same story every couple of years. We’re still going to buy it anyway, you might as well gamble on something different.