The Weekly Stench 5/2-5/8

Weekly Stench with anti chill logo ff

Yo! It’s No Chill here and on this weeks episode of The Weekly Stench, we have Aliens, Drugs, more drugs and even more drugs!

because we like to prioritize our time in making America Great Again on our spare time. Just kidding, we are still guessing random numbers to get into this door, so we can set off this so called “hidden” atomic bomb that our boss told us not to play around with. Quick fact, the codes to ignite a nuclear missile in our country was once all 0’s. Yeah! because we fuckin can! Suck it Bob Saget!



Make America Bate Again!


Don’t know what to get your mothers for her Big Day this weekend? Then how about a 4k Resurrected copy with an extended cut of the original film? Boooooyah, I know what your momma likes, plus, what else would make a Coug so happy than having Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum at her bedside? Yeah, I know right, don’t say I never did anything for ya. Not only that, get that coupon clippin addiction of hers at rest, because you can get her the basic edition of the blu-ray for just $10 this Tuesday when it officially releases at your local retailers and Amazon. But if you are one to spend a little extra on the women of your life then buy her the Ultimate Edition for that Memorabilia hype ya NERD! But No Chill an’t about that, Momma can buy her own damn gifts!

Punish Me Daddy!


Now here is a Kick Ass mother fucker I can get behind. We both have a few things in common, We like taking the law into our own hands and we are both afraid of spiders. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Make fun all you want, I don’t care if you think No Chill is a whimp, you won’t be laughing when them spiders start crawling up into your nose and laying eggs in your brain SCRUB! Anyways this time around we have our deadly friend being the hunter and the hunted as the DEA go after him after a drug bust goes wrong and everyone ends up dead, Way to go Frank, you had one job, but I got to be honest, I’m not really feeling the art, but that’s okay because Also being released this week is the reprint of one of the coolest comics out their BATMAN VS ALIENS. This Tuesday you will get to see two of the most amazing universes in Nerdverse come together. And being one that has never had a chance to read this piece, I can only hope for some Robin chest bursting. Oh DADDY!

Born To Master****


Don’t have such a filthy mind you one legged pedo bird, It says Debate in the title. But their is no debating this time around as we take it to the battlefield as born warriors off to kill entire waves of enemies as the heroes and developers of the game get over shadowed by the popular better game everyone wants, Overwatch. JK! just pulling your leg, they are not actually even close to being a part of the same genre, Ones more of a moba/tower defense, while the other is a straight up shooter. So get your gaming, because from what I heard, they are both to be on your wishlist and your library for the next few months. But if you are looking for something old and fresh, try the love of my life, yes I swing, Jk! Now Swinging to a pc near you is Shadow Complex Remastered. Yes, I know it was given away for free during the holidays, but honestly who in the hell uses Epic Games Software App store thing, just support this amazing game, which I honestly adore and buy it for yourself on Steam, because I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. When a man goes spelunking and finds his wife a missing, then their is only one thing they can do, search the cave to find a government operated base, with a shit ton of loot and awesome gear to kill stuff with. Hopefully then you will be able to take over the world with your new found power that you found just laying around.

That’s all I was feeling this week fellas, but if you do want more things to check out then stay on the look out for all the Star Wars day junk being released on the 4th. From what I seen, their wasn’t much to get hyped about, but until next time. Go fuck yourselves my friends. Also Top Gun Steelbook out this week, go cop it.