The Weekly Stench 4/25-5/1

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Welcome to this weeks Weekly segment of The Weekly Stench with No Chill!


Your own short personal what’s it howsers of what’s going to be Chill this week and if you ever put me on this list, I will clobber YA! No Chill 4 Lyfe!



You will never catch No Chill ever wear these stinkin shoes, because even though they are based off one of the most epic horror thrillers of all time, wearing them would make my swag fresh and No Chill just an’t ruin his rep like that, but just like the Xenomorph, I will bring the Anti and rip right through these sneakers and your soul, without a doubt.

The Alien Stompers will be in limited release on the 26th of April in celebration of Alien Day, the day was chosen after the named planet they discover the xenomorph eggs on, LVL-426

High Tops and mids will be available, High Tops being in the very very limited scale, since they are the ones worn by Ripley in the Aliens film and will be released for the first time ever on earth, while the mids that where worn by Bishop end up becoming the more attainable of the two.

The HIgh’s will run you a steep $175, while the mids will run you a mid $135

Though these sneakers are insane, be sure to be on the look out for Mondo’s exclusive Alien Day swag, since they will be releasing Limited prints of Xenomorph blood dripping Vinyl and Exclusive prints to hang up on your wall. 

Rocket League Boom Shakalaka’s it’s way onto your console


With the new HOOPS update, You will now be able to smack around a giants basketball as you try to put it into a massive hoop. Which is a perfect game mode to release at this very moment, since the NBA Playoffs are live, you can actually go get the update now, even though it was suppose to be released on the 26th, Awwww Yeah, Air Jorcar, you get it? no, YOU SCREW OFF!

I’m Coming Early


The slightly childish double entendre is great and all, but lets not let these 13 year old pre-ejaculate jokes get in the way from the real news here, hehehe Cumming early…… ugh hmmmmmm, Dead Pool, possibly the funnies Comic Book film to ever be made, other than the original Fantastic Four film, where Richards was a pedophile, though that was more of the film being a joke, then it being funny really. Is being released early in Digital format this Tuesday 26th. Which gives you cable cutters who have done away with physical formats of all kinds a chance to watch it before anyone else, in the comfort of your home, maybe you can even blackmale your friends into giving you cash, for you not to spoil it for them. mwuahahhahaa, but then again, they can just buy it themselves, instead of giving you the money……. huehuehuehue cumming soon……

Stop Krampus my style bro!


You get it? like stop crampin my style? FINE!

Krampus the hit horror movie of the holidays is finally coming out on blu ray, digital, DVD this week on the 26th. Probably one of the most well done horrors in a while, which is not much of a praise since, the only real contenders are Gallows and that one Internet Skype movie thing, Although The Visit was a really fun film as well.

I won’t get into the film all too much, but I will say it’s okay, I would recommend it if you need something to watch, I wasn’t disappointed by the film, but then again, I didn’t hype it up to something it wasn’t

Hitman Episode 2

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this new Installment of Hitman being played, so far it seems what the fans have been wanting from the Gecko, before they became D movie films, with ridiculous villains and characters, which I really didn’t have much of a problem with. Though this version seems a little more serious, the worlds and decision making of how you want to handle the hit is insane, making a re-playable experience no matter how many times you play it. The Downside is that the game is being released in segments, if that is not your type of thing. But if it is then make sure to pick up the 2nd episode on Tuesday 26th.

Thanks again for joining us on this episode of The Weekly Stench, featuring me! your one and only host NO CHILL, Goodbye and have a horrible fuggin day \0/