Ubisoft and Activision Taking It To Court


When I woke up this morning, it was hilarious to read that Activision was taking Ubisoft to court over The Division.

We have all seen foolish attempts of AAA companies trying to keep others from coming into the same arena, due to fear and competition, but some times you have to know when to back off. Sadly for Activision they don’t. Will, this come to hurt the new massive success of The Division? I hope not, it’s my new bread and butter and it hasn’t even hit the surface of how good it can taste. But I understand where Activision is coming from, I too would be frustrated if someone came out with the exact same concept and idea, while actually delivering where they could not, but a court order and this childish lashing that has been coming from the studio is far from how they should be handling it. Ubisoft has quickly responded here and there about how they feel about this whole situation and I tend to agree with them on about every aspect. 

Ubisoft has stated that ” Activation is creating stories and flipping tables upside down, taking time to set them up as they become the prince of the town and take up all the space of this new genre’s air. “

Ubisoft also states that ” The Division was Sweden born and raised, Just would like to spend its time on the playground for the rest of its days, Activision needs to chill out, relax and stay cool, no need for fighting, there is enough for two open world shooters in this neighborhood. There are always going to be a couple of guys that are up to no good, starting trouble and trying to pick fights, when we should all be getting along, because in the end we are all from the same neighborhood. The last thing we need is for other devs to be too afraid to move in to this genre, because without more support for it, it will fade out and become empty air.”

From how things are going for Ubisoft, it seems like they will be just taking this law suit, day by day,

But hopefully make it a short battle and send Activision along there way. Because as much as this case could of been deadly, There is probably no way Activision will come out of it victorious, this is not there golden ticket and The Division looks far from going down and kicking it. It’s a first class game, that has out done it’s predecessor. ” We where not trying to make Destiny or Activision look Bad. At the same time, we didn’t know that the foundation they had built was made of glass, how where we suppose to know how it would effect the sales and future development of there franchise? We thought it would be alright to come in and join Destiny as another option and style of play. Because when there are more options out there for the gamers, there is more to like and to us that train of thought seemed alright.”

We have sent various emails and are interested to see what Activision and Bungie have to say after all that.

Are they serious about this whole ordeal or are they just playing a game of mouse and cat? We hope so, but as long as The Division stands there, holding down the crown, I don’t think we will be seeing Activision moving from above Ubisofts reign and supremacy, as they try to cast a cloud over The Divisions fresh air. But at the same time, we can’t really come down on Ubisoft, because before the game came out. They had no idea yet, when the time came and the launch of The Division was here. That it would get so much love and sales, that it practically made Destiny disappear. ” Lets get some things cleared, as time counts down and the court case comes near, let us take a brief moment to level out our heads and come back down to earth Activision, That The Division is not a mirror, What it did for the genre was unexpected and rare and our game offers far more than Destiny to be fair.” The VP of Ubisoft stated.

After talking back and forth for a bit and discussing this whole fiasco with Ubisoft for about 7 hours or 8

We realized that Activision’s and Bungie’s foolishness and disgusting baggage that they are trying to cast amongst everyone in the gaming community, well be settled sooner or later, with the truth, but for now, we should all support the true ruler of the Kingdom. Because without them what is there? Other than a monopolized genre with one AAA studio keeping all the candy for themselves in there spawn camp loot lair.