Twitch Shows Off Their Tig Ol Bits

Twitch ventures into the baby shape sorter market

Twitch is back!

With a new meaningless application for its site, a few weeks after unleashing their friend system that does absolutely nothing. But this time they didn’t just add a new system, they added a feature that has already been done and to a greater extent than the Twitch Bits can ever reach as a text/gif feature. Twitch Alerts has beaten this new system and it has done this years ago, Twitch Alerts gives you the option to donate to your favorite streamers and have your name along with a customizable gif and music that has been chosen by the streamer to pop up every time you tip. Which is a much more satisfying feature and a lot less dull one then the Bits feature currently is.

why does this version of Geometry wars look unfinished?

But to make matters worst

Is not that this feature has been done already, but that it is being made into a MyFreeCams like currency. Yes, Twitch now has a currency, because this is what it basically is, only it is being disguised as a hype up your favorite streamer feature, only it’s not. You have to buy these bits,  money that so far seems to be going to Paypal, Twitch, maybe even Amazon, who knows? But so far, it is looking a feature, that does little for the streamers we want to support and more for a Site that already makes its money from every sub button on every other channel and the commercials/ads that they play on them.

Waiting to see the first person to donate a couple hundred with the texts I hate your stream right beside it.

Sure every site has to make its money

But from a site that already has its very own convention, it just feels like corporate greed. But, what if I want the feature? Then you can have it, this feature kind of already exists with Revlo, sure the currency app is a bit different, but it could work the same way, since the currency for revlo on peoples individual channels does nothing most of the time and I don’t know why this Bits system couldn’t work the same way. They could of made this whole thing free, like a global Revlo, where you make cheer currency for the amount of time you spend on twitch channels and then spend the cheers on whatever channel you want. Whenever you want.

no pun intended

Sure this is just a beta

But to leave out the majority of your partners in participating and helping build the feature and then charging for it, is a pretty horrid way in going about it. Even then, this can also be used in a new way of separating the Twitch viewers that have money over the ones lacking funds, who support you either way. All though that has a lot less to do with Twitch and more to do with the streamers who will treat it as such. All in all, it is a new feature that we will all have to live with, it’s their, so it doesn’t really harm anyone who doesn’t plan on using it, but hopefully it changes in a way that it becomes fun that everyone can use, instead of a shit show where a viewer tries to show the streamer how much they love them by spamming 1 cheer throughout the day, destroying the echo system of a channels chat and room.

Fisher-Price presents Bits

So far the beta

Is not looking great, but it is a beta, so we will have to see and wait, hoping it becomes something greater, but while you are doing so, make sure to click on this dodgy link and give us you credit card info as you buy some of our new Hamchops currency, that you can use to get some of the writers to rub freshly sliced pieces of pepperoni on themselves on live cam.

Gib me all yo monay