Top 10 Digital Downloads. A Few of These Might Surprise You!

It should be a surprise to no one that the digital gaming market is huge. Companies like Nintendo seem to always lack in supplying physical copies of games, so a lot of consumers turn to digital downloads. They are pretty convenient if you have somehow managed to avoid taking advantage of them. You can download them at home. You don’t need a physical copy and you can boot straight from your console. There are a lot of reasons why this medium has become so popular.

This month, released the stats on digital downloads for January 2015 ( I will let the stats speak for themselves.


As you can see, GTA:V is number one. No surprise there! It shattered records at original release in Q32013 for last gen consoles. Its re-mastering on new gen consoles has been a huge hit as well. I would definitely expect it to stay at the top for a while, with heists and a PC release just announced last week. Expect those in March and April, respectively.

A huge surprise is the remastered Resident Evil making this list. CapCom hasn’t really wowed with the RE series in recent iterations, but apparently they have done something right this time. I have heard good things about it and will definitely be digitally purchasing it.

The final surprise is seeing the previous two Call of Duties on the list. I honestly had no idea that people played old ones after the new ones are released, but now I do.

So what do you think? Are we moving toward digital downloads only? Voice you ropinion here!