TitanFall 2 teaser released

TitanFall 2 Trailer

Titanfall 2 has been rumored to be coming out this year, and now we’re one step closer to reality

Titanfall 2 is real and we have our first taste of the game. Even if it’s just a CGI trailer. We can speculate that the new installment of Titanfall will have a story mode and weapons for the mechs. This sequel will hopefully last longer than the original since users dropped off sharply after release.

No release date or in game footage as of yet, but all will be revealed on June 12th during EA’s new conference. Remember that E3 has essentially broken up at this point because of heavy hitters like EA going off to do their own thing on their own terms. We’ll see if TitanFall 2 holds up to the trailer hype. Expect it to be on all platforms this time around instead of a Microsoft exclusive. Check out the trailer below.