The Top 5 In Demand Retro Games

Retro video games are pretty hot right now.  I work part time at a Retro Video game store. They sell Anything from Odyssey to Xbox. I only work there on Saturday which is their busiest day of the week and one of the best parts of the job is that I learn more about video gaming than just what games to play. Working there has made me a better collector and not only do I get to see some rare games, but I also get to see what games people are looking for and what is really popular. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 games people are currently looking for.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox) 2005

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a great game. It was released on the Playstation 2, Xbox, and the PC. But the Xbox still fetches a decent price. Reason being that the Xbox could handle 4 player split screen where the PS2 could only handle two player mode. Compared to the rest of the Xbox library, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is one of the most expensive games for the system. Sold eBay listings are anywhere between 35 and 50 dollars for a complete copy. Find yours here.

Chrono Trigger (SNES) 1995

Chrono Trigger was a large game. Nintendo Power called it “Squaresoft’s biggest release” and it truly was. With multiple endings, excellent soundtrack and graphics, it’s a highly regarded Super Nintendo game. Although there are multiple ports of this game, the most recent being on the Nintendo DS, the Super Nintendo version still fetches a high price. Sold eBay listings are anywhere between 75-100 dollars for a loose copy. Find yours here.

EarthBound (SNES) 1994

Earthbound (or Mother 2 in Japan) was met with a poor critical response and sluggish sales. It wasn’t until 1999 where the main character Ness that the game started gathering a cult following. The game is considered one of the best RPGs for the Super Nintendo and is highly sought after. It’s one game that is a must have in any Super Nintendo Collection. Prices for the game, even though it has been released on the virtual console, continue to rise. Sold eBay listings are anywhere between 150 to 200 dollars for a loose copy. Find yours here.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64) 2001

Some of you might remember Conker as the cute little squirrel in Diddy Kong Racing. Rare didn’t want Conker to be cute anymore so they made Conker’s Bad Fur Day one of the raunchiest games of all time. Conker’s Bad Fur Day had drinking, lewd language and even a poop level. The game met critical acclaim based on gameplay and graphics. It’s very surprising that Nintendo would release such a game on its console. To make sure that the game wouldn’t be confused with Rare’s cuddlier Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong series, an advisory in addition the M rating was put on the box. This game is still incredibly popular and is probably the best game on the N64 console. Which is saying a lot since there are maybe 15 games worth playing. Sold listings are currently trending at about 80 dollars for a loose copy. Find yours here

Super Smash Bros (N64)/Super Smash Bros Melee(GCN) 1999/2001

I listed these two together since they’re equally popular. The Super Smash Bros IP is a fighting game that pits your favorite Nintendo characters against each other. Both versions provide some of the best party game experiences you could hope for on a console. There are still tournements that feature both games. There are sequels, but they aren’t as popular as the old ones. Super Smash Bros Wii U even allows players to use the Gamecube controller which is arguably the best way to play Smash Bros. Sold eBay listings are anywhere between 35 and 50 dollars loose for N64 and complete for Melee. Find yours here

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The only game on the list that I am missing is Super Smash Bros for N64

So what do you think? Is there a retro game that’s more popular than these 5? Do you have any of these here? What are you missing?