The Misfit : An Epicpower PC Build

This is Audrey, the only living dweller in my build, she always greets me by name, the only name I live by. #Fear The Beast #SplashScreen #CustomSplashScreen #BlackAndOrange #PcBuild #EpicpowerGaming

This baby come straight from the mind of Johnny Thizzlam or as he is better known in the Epicpower fungeon dungeons as Cathew Murlock. We take a closer look at the parts he chose for his specific ITX build and why he chose them.

One more thing before we go on forward on this wonderful venture of MURDER! I mean, super pleasant awesome things…. This is not, I repeat myself not, a How To Build Guide, this is more along the lines of a show and tell, so to my Epicpowernauts, I say, ENJOY.

P.S. Click The pictures for the individual articles.


Chassis : Bitfenix Prodigy Orange

(The love of choosing a case and honoring the craftsmanship behind it)

GPU & Cooling : Sapphire Dual-X Radeon R9 280X

(How I solved my GPU’s over heating problems)

Motherboard & Peripherals : Gigabyte GA-B85N Pheonix Wifi

( When future proofing, think of the boards compatible with your case )

Os & The Art Of Drives : Windows 10

( Your PC keeps crashing? try letting your HDD breath and use multiple )


At the end of the day, I did spend a little more on places where I could of saved, but after all is said and done, I don’t stress it, especially since, I still saved more then the average PC builder, especially since everyone usually buys new parts to begin with, but, yes, I could of saved, could of build me a beast under $600, while this one just cost me a little under $700. Will I continue to upgrade it? Of course, but for now it will all be exterior and for show.

Now let me show you some of the little things that I did to help the whole themed experience come together and flow not only from the physicality of my PC. but into the dashboard of it as well.

Pc Part Picker