The Indie Minute : Hot Date

Hi, pug, you’re looking lovely today, hold on let me get that seat for you, yeah, you like that don’t yah, you like it when I wine and dine yah, yeaah, how about I open the door next time you step out the car, yeah, you like…. uhhh hmmmm, Sorry guys I didn’t see you there. I’m…. just practicing for a Broadway play……  What?! Fine! you caught me, The truth is that I was  just sucked in and had fallen into a deep trance over the hit indie game HOT DATE. A game where you get to meet a bunch of single pugs looking for someone to love and support them financially for the rest of there lives.

The game is simple and gets right to the point, with a Pugly companion sitting right across of you while you interrogate em while on a timer, there is not physical timer in the game, I’m pretty sure it’s timed by a specific number of questions you ask. The questions are always random and can go off topic and even hint at old school pop culture, like The Geto Boys (90’s rap group) to Pokemon ( 90’s cartoon, video game and card game), basically it sticks to the 90 themed events and media. The game is controlled with the W,S, Enter, <- and -> keys which help you navigate through multiple options and questions.

The game ends quick and is meant for a quick pick up and play, it’s art is great and funky, perfect for the style of game it is, the dialogue is unique and the conversations seemed to be PG from the little I played. It’s a great concept that could have more to it, if it decided to become something greater, but for now and maybe forever it will stay as a dating sim. And we have no problem with that. You get a few options of pug personalities(same skin) when they sit down, they are randomly generated after the end of every date, so you never know if you are going to get the know it all, grump, or the weirdo. Who knows you may even find your perfect match, now go out there champ and remember, always ask for a doggie bag.

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