crossy road plush plushie toys

Are you a Crossy Road addict? I know a couple people that can’t get enough of the game. It’s pretty amazing that such a small game development team from Australia was able to make two of the most beloved games of 2015, the other being Shooty Skies.

Well Crossy Road plush toys are available now, and hopefully you can get them in time for that perfect holiday gift. Available are the chicken, lucky cat, specimen, penguin, and my personal favorite the unihorse.

crossy road plush plushie toys unihorse

crossy road plush plushie toys

crossy road plush plushie toys

crossy road plush plushie toys

crossy road plush plushie toys chicken

Yu Suzuki Dreaming big

An update went up earlier today, that you should of received if you were a backer of Shenmue 3, but of course you wouldn’t have to worry about such a thing, because you are a backer….. right?

You’re not!? Well I got your back either way, there is a link down below that leads to the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter, but anyways, The update informed the pledgers on a Twitch cast that will be going on later in the evening on Friday the 26th.

Hello Shenmue Fans and soon to be Shenmue Fans!

Yu Suzuki will be doing a Twitch stream on Friday, June 26 at 7:00PM PDT (Saturday, June 27 2:00AM GMT).

There is lots of Shenmue to talk about, so look for the Twitch Channel link to be posted with the Update tomorrow.

Until then!

It has not yet been revealed if this will be on a personal channel or an interview on someone else’s, but eager and excited we all are, as we write down all the questions we have rumbling in our little brains. How cool will it be to see Yu Suzuki do a lets play!? One can only hope, see you there! And keep your fingers crossed for some more in game behind the scenes footage of Shenmue 3.

Back and help us reach a dream!