Twitter on August 7 tweeted that they are now live streaming Esports events. This is big news as the hype around Esports and the capital behind it continues to swirl around in a pool of aspirations and new job opportunities for game players.

From that clip I learned they got Lloyd Christmas to be in their promotional video.

Watching Esports on Twitter feels quite a bit different than Twitch. There is a way to talk to other viewers by tweeting with a hashtag automatically applied to the message. You can see, like, retweet, or reply to other tweets on the side timeline.

Full screen mode removes the twitter feed and shows the video at full size. It decent quality, but how does it compare to Twitch quality? Twitch allows a viewer to switch their resolution. I was able to stream the Dreamhack CSGO Masters on both platforms simultaneously and from the human Jared eye they look very very similar. Both had artifacting at full screen on my 4k Dell 27 inch monitor.

Twitter Esports Full Screen

Twitch Esports Full Screen

I experienced video ads while watching both Twitter and Twitch, so there is really no escaping them without ad blocking software on Twitter. Twitch gives you the option to Subscribe to the stream and remove the advertisements. The starting price is $4.99.

The experience is fairly similar on mobile. Both platforms have an app that allows the best viewing experience. The video quality of the streams seems better due to the smaller screen size. It is not as easy for the eye to scrutinize the artifacting from the compression.

All in all, it is exciting to see Esports get more outlets for viewership. The entire genre of gaming and sports will be more accessible to new audiences and hopefully continue to grow into mainstream water cooler talk.