“Pocket Mortys I choose you!” That’s something I will be saying out loud while playing Pocket Mortys starting on January 14.

IGN got the scoop on the first 52 Mortys available when the game Pocket Mortys launches.

There are some real gems. I can’t decide which is my favorite so far, but I have narrowed it down to Biker Morty and Wizard Morty.

- Pocket Mortys

Wizard Morty has those Betty Davis Eyes – Pocket Mortys

Biker Morty

Biker Morty sort of looks like the guy writing this article – Pocket Mortys



Evil Rabbit Morty

Evil Rabbit Morty pays tribute to Donny Darko – Pocket Mortys

Two Cat and Crazy Cat Morty - Pocket Mortys

Two Cat and Crazy Cat Morty – Pocket Mortys

Spoon and Spork Morty

Spoon and Spork Morty – Pocket Mortys

Some Pocket Mortys I found intereting

Some Pocket Mortys I found intereting – Pocket Mortys


The Full List of the first 52 Pocket Mortys

What is your favorite Pocket Morty so far? Let us know in the comments!

Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys. What a perfect name for the first official Rick and Morty game from Adult Swim Games.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.39.28 PM

Pocket Mortys

It looks like Pokemon and in the video teaser Rick is challenged by Bluu. Bluu chooses a Scruffy Morty to battle Rick’s Morty. What happens after that is a mystery.

According to Adult Swim Games the price for Pocket Mortys is Free when it arrives on Android and iOs on January 14, 2016. Free up some space on your phone now!