If you haven’t heard by now about the Final Fantasy 7 remake, then I’m just going to assume that you’ve been bunking under a rock along side Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants, because it happened and it’ glorious, but obviously their will always be the negatives, that we will all pick at when it comes to nostalgia. But it is only a negative because of you’re nostalgia and your nostalgia is a lie.  Now lets take a ride through Midgar and find out why.

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After speculations and a long wait to hear about Joe Montana Football we finally get some meat. And the meat ends up coming off as bone, after it being revealed as a mobile game, that will come to PC after its IOS, Android release. I agree it’s not what the fans wanted at all , but can it grow to something more? Especially when Madden Mobile reigns supreme on our tablets and phones and is getting closer to the start of their 2nd continuous year on their Madden Mobile app.


Why convert? everything is perfect and their is no need for competition, so that leaves us with? What will Joe Montana bring to the table besides a name? it must not be the same experience or else their wouldn’t be so much confidence in the game to begin with. But even though these are questions we ask ourselves and are disappointed in what we have found out recently doesn’t make it far from a good game, it just makes it a game that might possibly be hurt by our own hype, a hype that the team of Joe Montana Football didn’t ask for, so all we can do is wait and hope for something glorious and on the bright side, Football is back on PC!


Now go get yourself registered to Joe Montana Football 16’s Alpha and give it some love, lets not be those people, lets show support and help this franchise grow, it can become something greater, something we truly want and need in our lives, lets get it! Game time! Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

 What to look forward to from what we know


Sim Gaming

My Career like Story Mode

Create your own Stadium? Customized seats and fan happiness?



Have you ever wanted to play a game that was  like eating a giant ice cream bowl of magnificent flavors and toppings? How about a game that throws out vibes of Clockwork Orange and Binding of Isaac with little hints of Bioshock, pleasantville and George Orwell’s 1984? Then I’m glad you showed up, because We Happy Few is just for you.

We Happy few is a no holds bar rogue like, first person, strategy thriller. That is centered around a retro future 1960’s England, where the citizens are joy infused during every second of every minute of every hour of every day and if you don’t like it you can die! I…. uh mean…. welcome friend, to Wellington Wells, do you know the secret behind the famous Wellington Wells Smile? Well it’s drugs, yes, just like in real life.

(don’t do drugs kids) (everyone else, do them)(Epicpower Gaming doesn’t condone drugs, yes we do, no we don’t, maybe)

In We Happy Few you get to play as one of three (what we know so far) protagonist (Arthur might be the name of one of them, overheard it on Compulsion Games Twitch stream) with different backgrounds and back stories, that all intertwine within each others as you progress and discover more about the town . Your primary goal is to escape the prison like dystopia your caged in, while trying to avoid a village full of joyful versions of droog like mobs. All while uncovering the truths hidden around town and discovering how you came to be their.

But before you do, you’re going to have to break a few rules and get your hands dirty, hope you’re not asthmatic, running is going to be your best friend, close second to food, which seems to be scarce in Wellington and the 2nd highest cause of death to the locals(first is you). But how can they just smile through it you ask? How can their bodies endure such cruelty and deprivation? How tortured are their souls and what was it they did that was so horrible that they decided to end life by starving themselves out with false visions of happiness? You’re really asking all this? I thought you wanted to live! Theirs no time for blues clues and boxcar children, leave the investigating to Harriet the spy, you’re here to survive soldier!

Now what will it be downer, tell Uncle Jack, will you depend on the drugs to escape, become a slave to the addiction and anger spells? Will you cleverly create your exit and go unnoticed? Or will you take the win to the front lines and tear down the finish line on your way out? Maybe you’ll just settle, well, why not? Just be happy like the rest of us, we love you here, you’re never going to leave us, dead or alive.

Here, I’ve gotten you your very own mask.

Now cheer up you bastard.

And Help Kickstart The Joy.

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Kung Fury Street Rage Video Game

I knew it was coming. Kung Fury :  Street Rage The Video Game challenges me to be a better person. It want’s to know if I am man enough to uphold the law?

Kung Fury the Video Game


I think I am. I try to be the best I can be, but as Faith No More once said in a song that I like that no one likely heard before, “I am just a man” Listen to it below to get on my wave length.

Ok, back to the game. Kung Fury : The Video game is only $2 through steam. It is playable on PC and MAC. The game play is pretty Streets of Rage ish and simple. That is a good thing in my opinion because that is pretty much the premise of the movie.

It is just action and silliness that keeps you playing for the high score.


I fall back towards open air, dropping into nothingness, I’m vanished, another world, transporting away from her, my troubles, my scars and then it hits me….. the porcelain walls of the tub. I convince myself it was just part of the visions, as I look at my selves in the mirror and try to make out which one of them I am. I find him, but he isn’t to pleased to see me.

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How did it slip right through me? Am I a Reaver in disguise? Well, I might as well be, since I’m going to eat this game right up when it finally releases for PC and Tablet/Phones. The date has yet to be determined, but rather later and shiny, than sooner and rusty.

The game might be a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped QMXi and Spark Plug games from giving us something to pass by the time. The Firefly Cortex is a collectible card game, that’s if you decide to drop the $5 on The Big Damn Hero package, which gets you your own Statue  in your own crappy town and your name in the credits in Firefly Online.

( A few videos of the cortex, before we get to Firefly online, excuse the awesomeness of a podcast in the background, I was listening to it while navigating through the verse.)

(Podcast will be linked at the end of article)

Otherwise the Firefly Cortex works as an in game name claimer and is a way to stay up to date with news and behind the scenes footage. The Cortex is littered with fun concept art and videos of the original actors portraying there roles, although  Gina Torres won’t be reprising her role this time around, at least for the first part of the series.

You’ll be able to unlock special nick knacks in game items, that will transfer into the MMO through and from the Cortex if you decide to buy the Big Damn Hero package. You can obtain  rare in game items such as the infamous Jayne hat and Captains chair by collecting all the cards to a series.  You can obtain these cards through chests that you earn by ranking aka leveling up through missions. or you can also buy pack of cards through the Trading Post/store.

(Quick tip, don’t sell your dupes for BP, since season 2 implemented stacking. not sure how it works just yet, just got me the Cortex last night.)

Missions are simple navigating, where is waldo type mini games, that you must do throughout the verse and are done so by clicking through a gorgeous map of the Firefly universe. Although all these are great and all, my absolute favorite feature of the Cortex had to be the Ship Viewer, where I could just stare at Serenity and change her color scheme all day long…… uh hmmmmm.

Now lets get to the meat, scrubs! Firefly Online will play as an old school Fallout/XCOM Turn Based RPG and a Freelancer like flight sim. It will have jobs as missions like every other mmo, but you can tell by the way Andy Gore has spoken about the franchise, that it will be far from  usual. The Male character you play as will be voice acted by the one and only Will ” WHEATON!!!!!!!” Wheaton(Will Wheaton) and the female verse actress will be no other than Courtenay Taylor (Rubber! and I guess Resident Evil and Mass Effect too, I guess, but come on, seriously now, how can those compete with Rubber.). The price for the game has yet to be determined, but what I know so far is that it will not be Free 2 Play nor will it be subscription based. The price will be a one time transaction, but there’s no indication what the price will be, other than it will be under $50, since Andy Gore felt it would be wrong if they charged a premium price on one platform, when he wanted the fans to also be able to own it on several platforms of their choice, without ending up dropping a hundred or so, especially when it will be pick up and play across all platforms from a single account.

 (Gore was also able to get his hands on the original Firefly footage from Fox  and watched it all frame by frame, to dissect it and add little whole lot of love into the game.)

The story mode is said to be beatable in the time frame of 20 hours if you decide to rush through it, but why would you want to do such a thing? Especially when you can go to the local bar and start a random gun fight or better yet, ship illegal cargo through out the verse while avoiding the Alliance and defending yourself against space pirates. Then again I can see why you would want to stay grounded, when you obviously want to avoid Reapers at all cost, unless…… reapers don’t only stay in space during the game….. *shivers*.

The trading post will be one of you main spots for jobs as you make your away around the planets and assemble your crew. The bar will be your primary destination for hiring members and actually starting bar fights, which might of sounded like I was joking about, but dead to rights, I was not. You can buy, sell and move cargo around the verse, but make sure it’s all legal contraband aboard or the alliance will stop and pay you a visit. You will be able to decorate the inside and outside of your ships with custom paint jobs and place unique items such as posters all over the interior.

While investigating the verse, make sure to make some BP(currency), since your ship will fall apart on you and you will the need the help of a mechanic, although you can go at it on your own, mechanicless, to get your rig as good as rusty as before, keeping it in running shape.  Get a crew, decorate your ship ala Sims galore, wreck on some fools and snatch away their weapon, crush it right in front of your opponent and make a custom gun that is forged out of all the parts of all your previous prey…. I mean.. enemies. (guns not souls…..)  If you wish to go the more Shepard route, just spend time in your bunker customizing the walls or room with trophies and collectibles or just chill in your garage pimping out your rides.

“Go to the bar, start a fight, Then hire Someone! Look at me ma’ I’m a true Entrepreneur!”- Cathew Murlock

You will be able to fast forward to planets, each and every single one found on the Cortex map, but you will still come up on random encounters that you will need to gather up your crew and defend yourself from, although it would help if your crew was properly trained…. Oh look at that! you can do that too! Which is one of the major reasons the game was made turn based, instead of your usual FPS that is centered solely around you and the character you play as instead of revolving around the people fighting aside you.  Turn based non FPS was the way to go for the core feature for any Firefly game and that core feature is Family,  the crew, the people you must care about and keep alive, even though through thick and thin, you might just want to clock them every once and a while. But make sure you never cross them or else you might lose them to another player in game, who might just get a mission to have your past companion coming right after you.

The release of the first act of Firefly may not be known, but it is near and will have four adventures(DLC) to come out soon after , which also has all the voice acting completed as of now. The current goal for Firefly Online unlike the rest of the MMO’s out there is to start off small and get 100,000 active players, instead of thinking large and only about sales. From what I have seen this project feels more like a love letter to the fans, than anything else and makes me feel nothing more than gitty inside.

This is Cathew Murlock signing out, BrownCoats UNITE!


P.S. Just found out that the ships you buy through the store gets you dibs and registers the name for your vessel, so if you have a couple names in mind, make sure to snatch them up quick. Now, without further ado say hello to the SS Epicpower!

P.S.S. Learned that there was a special ship that you got called the Kepler, that was redeemable in game if you registered before the end of August 2014, so bummed that I missed out, but at least I found this shiny code floating around the interverse, try it, it’ll give you a free ship. Type OVERLAND in the redeem box  located in the account section of the Cortex.

The Firefly podcast, with a whole lot more information  (Click Me)

Firefly Online’s media sites





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