Star Fox Zero 60fps

The highly anticipated Star Fox Zero will not be able to hit the 60fps mark despite being at 720p resolution

Nintendo has been a diamond in the console rough when it comes to sixty frames per second. Where most PS4 and Xbox One games struggle to maintain 30 frames per second, Nintendo has maintained video game respect by having almost as many native 1080p at 60fps games than the other two even while being less powerful.

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Paper Mario Color Splash

Paper Mario Color Smash puts another nail in the coffin of a once beloved series.

Paper Mario was released on the Nintendo 64 in the United States February 5, 2001. It was considered the spiritual successor to the lovable Super Nintendo game, Super Mario RPG. This new game was a 2D Mario in a 3D space that also incorporated moves involving paper. For example Mario would turn into a paper airplane to travel, enemies had a chance to crumple, and fire is frowned upon but enemies still use it.

Paper Mario 64

Paper Mario 64 had a interesting take on an RPG within the Mario world

The success of the Nintendo 64 title prompted a sequel known as the Thousand-Year Door for the Gamecube in October of 2004. This title is heralded as the best Paper Mario in the series because of the deep story line, playful banter, and quality gameplay mechanics. When Super Paper Mario was announced for the Wii in 2006, fans could only assume that the law of progression would hold true and that there would be another king crowned. They were wrong.

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

Thousand-Year Door built on the original by adding more elements to build a story

Beginning of the end; Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario differs from the previous games in the series in that it drops the turn-based fighting in exchange for direct encounters. Also instead of being an RPG game, it is considered an Action RPG platform game. While it did receive a positive reception, the short completion time (20 hours) and weak game soundtrack was a letdown. The Wii title is now ranked third in the Paper Mario series for those who wanted a true RPG.

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario added new features like 3D mode which added new gameplay while removing some RPG elements

If Super Paper Mario had worried fans that Paper Mario would never be the same, Paper Mario: Sticker Star confirmed it. Gone are the RPG elements that made Paper Mario a unique title and instead Mario must collect stickers to use as attacks. Special powers are used by finding objects in the wild and converting them into stickers. For example I found a baseball bat and used it to defeat a boss on a baseball diamond. If I didn’t use the sticker correctly, the boss would most likely defeat me. Once you use a sticker, it’s gone. Need to prepare for a battle? You need to farm stickers. Run into random battles? You need stickers. Also there’s a limit to how many stickers you can carry so special power stickers can’t be horded (they take up more space.)

Paper Mario Sticker Star

The 3DS adventure of the series has you collect stickers that are used as attacks. Don’t have a particular sticker? Can’t attack

The Point of No Return: Paper Mario Color Splash announced

Paper Mario Color Splash was just announced on March 3th and fans are already upset that the series isn’t returning to its roots. Color Splash is more like Sticker Star than it is Thousand-Year Door and that has fans angry. Color splash still uses cards for attacks and during the Nintendo Direct, it was stated that it would be an Action game instead of an RPG adventure. Of course, you can’t judge a book by its cover and you shouldn’t judge a game by a 1 minute trailer. While it’s not Thousand-Year door, it doesn’t meant that Color Splash will be a bad game. It is being released on the Wii U instead of the 3DS so perhaps it will be more fleshed out than Sticker Star.

Make Paper Mario Great Again!

Fans have been clamoring for a Paper Mario RPG that reminds them of the Paper Marios of old. It’s been 15 years since Paper Mario was released on Nintendo 64 and I think it’s safe to say that there won’t be another RPG successor for a while. Nintendo has been listening to fans as evidenced by the delay of Star Fox Zero to make it more like a Star Fox game than a space battle game with the Star Fox sticker slapped on it. Paper Mario is now reserved for trying new gameplay mechanics and a fresh game every couple of years. Those of you looking for a legit Mario RPG should look to Mario & Luigi games until Nintendo decides to make the series an RPG or announce a Super Mario RPG successor from the SNES days which might be more likely now that Cloud has been added to Super Smash Brothers.


We had a cold tip come into EpicpowerGaming’s mailbox last night. The NINTENDO NX is causing a lot of hype as it should. Everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for Nintendo and the NX is going to hopefully revitalize the aging company.

Check out this pic.



The system seems to be encased in a rustic bread and crust, featuring carrot buttons and d-pad, and dual ham screens.

It appears the system is highly biodegradable and possibly delicious.


Sorry, not sorry.

A petition wants Danny DeVito to voice the English Version of the new Nintendo game Detective Pikachu

For those of you having trouble picturing DeVito as Detective Pikachu, I present to you a side by side comparison of the two for evaluation. As you can see, the resemblance is uncanny.

Danny DeVito Pikachu

Danny DeVito voicing Detective Pikachu would surely propel video games as an art form

Detective Pikachu was just announced a couple of days ago and fans are already hoping that they’ll be able to convince Nintendo to book the zany Danny DeVito to lend his voice to the yellow detective. The petition currently has over sixteen thousand signatures out of the required twenty five thousand needed. Of course after the petition meets its goals, Nintendo is under no obligation to follow through on the fans demands.
As to whether the Always Sunny in Philadelphia star would be a good fit for the detective, one just needs to look at the live action trailer Nintendo put out for Detective Pikachu this past Monday:

Detective Pikachu was announced on January 26 for Japan and will be released as an eShop title for about 15 dollars US. No word on if it will actually reach the United States, but if it does get an English release it would be really fun to have The Penguin voice the lovable yellow Pokemon star. Pikachu has always had a high pitched, kid style voice, but a raspy Danny DeVito, who is no stranger to voicing various characters would bring an interesting spin and possibly open the character up to a wider audience.

To my knowledge, Nintendo doesn’t really employ US celebrities to voice their characters. Other franchises like Halo 5 and Call of Duty have employed high ranking celebrities like Nathon Fillon and Kevin Spacey to voice characters in their games, but Nintendo still has yet to jump on the wagon. Perhaps adding DeVito to their roster would signal a change in direction especially since the yet to be announced Nintendo NX is rumored to pander to what’s hot with the young kids these days. And young kids want Danny DeVito to voice Detective Pikachu!

Nintendo NX Specs have been possibly leaked through a survey done by GFK.

Info has been spreading on the internet that the Nintendo NX will sport a 900p resolution that will be upscaled to 1080p at 60 frames per second. Those specs would put the NX on par with the Xbox One. Of course none of this information is verified, but that didn’t stop some people from complaining that the Nintendo NX would be an underpowered relic before it was even released.
The photo that has been making the twitter rounds is a survey hosted by GFK. GFK is a consumer focus group company that Nintendo had hired to run a survey covering some hypothetical specs for the upcoming console that will be unveiled in June. If the screenshot below is to be believed, the Nintendo NX should be much more robust than the Wii U and as powerful as the Xbox One.
While most of the details about the Nintendo NX on are similar to the Wii U (Mario and Zelda games, Nintendo Network, web surfing) there is a couple of features that stand out.

Nintendo NX Survey

This generic Nintendo NX survey appears to show what the new console will have in terms of specs

Gameplay flows between Nintendo NX console and Nintendo NX handled device – This could confirm the rumors that the new unnamed Nintendo Console allows you to take games on the go and then boost the power of that handheld when you connect it with the home console. Or it could be that the Nintendo NX works a lot like the Wii U does with the gamepad acting as a personal TV.
Supports 4k/60fps video streaming – One of the drawbacks of the Wii U is that apps like Netflix and Hulu are severely underpowered and are limited to low resolution videos. This new standard will allow users to stream video up to 4k without the system chugging.

Gameplay graphics at 900p/60FPS – While the 900p is underwhelming, having the Nintendo NX perform at 60fps would be a huge boon to the console since a lot of current games are currently locked at 30fps.

Box contents of the new Nintendo console appear to include a sensor bar, game controller and HDMI cable. The inclusion of a sensor bar could hint at backwards compatibility with Wii and Wii U games, but people are speculating that the Nintendo NX will again support the waggle controls. I personally doubt that will be the case.

If these specs are to be believed, it will finally bring Nintendo back into the current age and open the console up to third party developers which they desperately need to make a console competitive. With Cloud and Ryu as playable characters in Super Smash Brothers, it’s very likely we’ll see Final Fantasy 7 remake and Street Fighter 5 as launch titles for the new console. Time will tell if any of these rumors hold true when Nintendo finally pulls the curtain off of the Nintendo NX sometime in June

Soul Saga

Soul Saga, a game that I have been very much anticipating since it’s Kickstarter launch, is finally coming to our choice of console in the near future.

How soon you ask? mid year soon, as in June 2016. Yes, we are finally going to get our hands on the very first game of the saga, all thanks to the magician, the main man himself Disaster Cake Mikey, who has put in well over 1000 hours a week. While having to deal with artist hoping from one project to the other, sometimes leaving him with more work on his plate then necessary, but even though the struggle might of made things a bit overwhelming at times, it wasn’t enough to keep him from releasing and continuing his dream of becoming a video game developer.


The news and release date was announced in the recent Soul Saga Kickstarter Update, which announced that Soul Saga will be coming out on June 2016 for PC, Linux and Mac, with the console versions coming out soon after. The update also announced a beta update, which would allow the user to experience the airship mechanics of Soul Saga. The Soul Saga air mechanics consist of Boosting, which is basically a NOS like feature that the player can use to help them Mine and break through floating rocks in the sky, also, YES SKY MINING! wait what is that you say? That’s unbelievable? Well, wait until you hear this, you can fish with your air ship as well! AND FIGHT!

And with an airship feature, it’s a no brainer that we would be in need of an AIRSHIP SHOP!

that would allow the user to customize the airship with speed boost, weapons, health increases etc. etc. basically everything one can desire. The airship shops will be located at every air shop dock in the world.

unnamed (1)

The best thing about Soul Saga has been the ride, especially the forums where everyone has been lovely, it’s also the place where we had the vote in the way we would love to see specific parts or physics of the game be utilized. Such as the airship fighting system, that was voted by the backers to be in real time, yes real time air ship battles. And the best part yet is that it’s still a on going part of the development, because as of right now you can help decide a race name for the goblin like creatures inside the Soul Saga universe. I came up with Squabbles for the dodo like birds 🙂 during a Twitch stream with Cakeians a few years back.


You would assume it would be Konami themselves that would be the ones to announce the next Metal Gear Project, but once again it seems the indie community has beat them to it. Airam Hernandez, the man behind the project is looking to team up with Konami themselves to make the dream a reality in hopes of avoiding that his dream project gets shut down by the Man.  The man being Konami, but knowing the reputation Konami has had recently, bad news may come Hernandez way, but until then enjoy this awesome trailer of something that will or would of been.

Shadow Moses is a remake of the original NES game that had you play as Solid Snake as he infiltrates Outer Haven to destroy Metal Gear, A weapon of mass destruction that is shaped like a tank and can be activated and used from anywhere in the world.


We love to make up stories with each other at EPG. It keeps us sane and insane at the same time. We would like to invite you into our madness

Jared Epicpower’s predictions:

      • The first VR related death will happen in 2016. I predict a person will have on VR gear and be navigating a virtual forest and accidently trip and fall into a desk cracking their head open. Miss Cleo told me to expect this.
      • There will be two official Fallout 4 addons announced this year and one will be out by Summer. The early game boss Jared may make a reappearance and look like me.

      • Samsung VR will sell better than Oculus Rift for the first half of 2016. Rovio will launch a VR version of Angry Birds and the game will look and feel like a Nintendo first party game.
      • The new Nintendo console will be playable at E3 in June. It will even have really good graphics and a strong mobile gaming tie.
      • will be the most talked about new IRL gaming event.

Wag317’s Predictions:

    •  The Nintendo NX will be announced at E3 but won’t be released until November 2017- I will be very surprised if it releases this year.
    • Zelda Wii U will have an official name and be released November 2016. Expect open world, but not as expansive as Skyrim




  •  New Amiibo line announced: Most likely be related to the Zelda line.
  • PlayStation VR price and release date. Expect to see it price at $400 or lower – Sony can afford to take the loss given the amount they make on software and other properties. Release date at the end of the year.
  • Fallout 4 DLC – new missions and building materials. Will retail for $19.99. Also details for Xbox One Mods will be announced. I assume there will be a store and they’ll be charged for them. Rollout to PC to follow.

Rageriley’s Predictions:


  • Ubisoft will release a new Assassin’s Creed
  • The first peer to peer sexual encounter will happen using virtual reality. Actually, maybe that’s already happened.
  • Star Citizen will get delayed even further.
  • I will get married and learn to chew with my mouth closed.   <-Jared wrote that


Jhonny’s Predictions:

1. I believe Bethesda is going to start working on Prey 2 again to compete with The Witcher 3 devs new sci fi game as a rivalry, especially since fans have been comparing the 2 this last year making Bethesda out to be the lesser of the dev companies Compatible with VR

2. Ea will scrub out another Battlefront game for the year like Bruce Willis at a footwear party
3. Saints 4 will be announced and it will be VR compatible, allowing you to finally smack your best friend with the giant purple dildo you always dreamt of slapping them with
4. With a new direction and new hardware, Nintendo and the NXT will be focusing on a new Open world Mario game in likes of GTA, where you can pimp out Toads and beat down Goombas, Compatible with VR
5. A Kickstarter for a Handheld game that plays retro games, but doesnt really because all it really does is play roms, also, it will be compatibel with VR

Every time Nintendo has stock issues with a popular item, people seem to think that Nintendo is doing it on purpose to drive hype for a product that would otherwise not sell if stock was plentiful. I have been in a number of arguments on this subject and have finally decided to write an article on it.

So why would a notable company like Nintendo do that? Well they don’t. Nintendo is a victim of its own popularity and gamers are victim of it as well. Anything that has a hint of being popular and with supply issues is picked up quickly by scalpers who turn to eBay instantaneously to resell for 2-3 times their original value.


Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is probably the best example that people use to argue that Nintendo uses scarcity to drive popularity. The Nintendo Wii is objectively the worst console of its generation yet managed to sell 20 million more consoles than its competitors. For two years, the Nintendo was in low quantities yet high demand. You couldn’t walk into a Best Buy to pick one up unless you knew someone who worked there and had them set one aside. If you just had to have one, you needed to go to eBay and pay anywhere from 300 – 400 dollars for a console that retailed for 200.

I know first-hand that these sold for an obscene amount because I sat in line at Target overnight with my parents and a neighborhood kid for one. We ended up getting four total and sold three at 450 a piece which in turn paid for the Wii that I kept. I didn’t have any trouble selling one either, the consoles were sold in November and I made sure that they were in buyer’s hands before Christmas.

Over the next two years I enjoyed the hell out of my Wii and my friends who didn’t have one would come over to my apartment to play it. After a while, I had grown tired of my Wii and decided to sell it with all of my games. I ended up selling it for 600 dollars and bought myself a digital SLR with the funds.

I have since bought another Wii and actually have a 25th anniversary red Wii that I picked up for 30 dollars. Wiis are very common and many people who bought them just to play Wii sports have them sitting on their TV stand collecting dust.



Remember Amiibos? For the past year some Amiibos have been in stock and on the pegs for months while others sell out day one and never see the shelves again. People were buying Ness, MegaMan and Marth specifically to resell or trade at a later time taking the figure out of the hands of people who wanted to walk into a store casually and pick them up.

The situation was so dire that Nintendo finally addressed the issueand reprinted a lot of the rarest Amiibos to the point where they fill bins at Toys R Us. Need a Villager? No problem. Shulk? Got ya covered. Fox? Plenty for everyone.

Even during supply issues, Amiibos were a hit. Selling well over a million units, Nintendo has now cemented the Amiibo in their games and alongside similar items such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Lego Dimensions. Yet people still believe that if Amiibo had plentiful stock at launch, the Amiibos wouldn’t have been successful.

But the major flaw in the argument is that Nintendo never let on that all  Amiibos would be super rare. They did mention that it was possible that a specific character might not see a reprint, but you would still be able to buy a card with the character’s info on it. This business model has changed and now there are more Amiibos on the shelves than Wii U games. The only true “rare” Amiibo is the golden Mario which was a Wal-Mart exclusive and available in limited quantities.

People also fail to realize that the majority of Amiibos available for sale are for the Super Smash Brothers game which has already been known to have rabid fans who make other games rare as well.

Devil’s Third                             

Devil’s Third is a first party “M” rated game from Nintendo. The game has gotten poor reviews and will probably be in the bargain bin in the UK by the middle of January.

What’s that? You’re in the US and haven’t heard that Devil’s Third is coming out? Well it did come out. December 11th 2015 to be exact. Still interested in getting it? Well too bad, there aren’t anymore. The game came to the United States with so little fanfare that you can’t even buy it on the eShop. When Destructoid went to get their review copy, they found that it was pretty hard to find. With a little digging, they discovered Gamestop had 420 copies in stock. For their entire store line. For reference, there are 4,434 Gamestops in the US. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that this game is extremely rare and Nintendo does not want anybody to have this game.

Yet this game is fetching over a hundred dollars on eBay a week after it was discovered to be in extremely limited quantities. People have been tripping over themselves to get their hands on this game even though all reviews suggest that you shouldn’t waste your money. Surely Nintendo is behind this and did it on purpose to get people talking about this game.


You can’t hype a game or a product if people can’t go out and buy it. Even if this was done on purpose, the chances of your friends having this game so you can see if you want to play it are so slim that you were actually better off never hearing of this game.  I’m sure if this game was properly advertised in the US (it wasn’t) you would be super pissed that you can’t get go to the store and go buy your own copy. Nintendo would be absolutely nuts to spend money on advertising that the game was coming out and then only ship 1000 copies. The backlash over people unable to get it would drown out the game itself and Nintendo would be struggling to play catch up while gamers give up and play other franchises on other consoles. What happens when you lose customers to competitor who gives them what they want? They don’t come back.

In the examples that I have provided, one could suggest that Nintendo doesn’t use scarcity to drive demand, demand for their products drives scarcity. With the exception of Devi’s Third, my examples are best sellers that couldn’t have possibly been scarce on purpose. You can’t sell 99 million units and call it scarce.

While Nintendo doesn’t bank on scarcity to drive hype, they do release Limited Editions of products that get gobbled up by collectors and when it finally sells out, there’s no chance that Nintendo plans any restock. And while there are rare 3DS and Wii U variants, that doesn’t prevent people from going to Best Buy and getting one of their very own. Limited Editions are for collectors, not regular gamers who like to play games.

So stop shitting on Nintendo; they’re like every other company in the industry and love money. They’re willing to do a lot of things to get their products in the homes of as many people as possible and limiting their stock on purpose does nothing but prevent that from happening.