My Nintendo Switch was getting barely any love from me or my waifu. It’s not from lack of content because there has been a steady stream of content lately. The Switch hurts my darn hands and wrists!

this is pretty much me, full of ouch

I thought about 3D printing something that would give the joycons some depth, something to grasp onto but I am a busy person without time to make it worthwhile. Lucky for me Skull & Co. (sweet name for a company) had the same issue and decided to not be lazy like myself. They created a silicon wrap that has areas to allow hands to have something to grip to.

The grips are colored in a range of Nintendo Switch-esque palettes. I ordered the neon yellow because I like to party. It comes with 2 types of grips that you can change out depending on what you feel is most comfortable. Also included is a case that has room for the Switch with the GripCase, battery charger, games, and cables.

The price is a little high, starting at $46 but does include free shipping. I was concerned when I saw that Skull & Co. are based in Australia because shipping can be quite high but since it is included there are less worries.

The GripCase is scheduled to ship in October 2017. I look forward to playing games as an adult and not worrying about cramping carpal tunnel! Let us know if you order one!

nintendo switch indie games

It’s getting pretty exciting with the Nintendo Switch launch coming this Friday! Now we have a list of indie games coming to the Switch. GDC has been a whirlwind of information and it is exciting to think of what meetings Nintendo is having with developers behind closed doors here at GDC 2017.

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Nintendo switch console

The Nintendo Switch is officially coming out on March 3, 2017 at $299 US. But is it what gamers want?

The Switch has been in the works and known to the public since E3 of 2015 as the Nintendo NX. Rumors swirled for a full year until Nintendo officially named it the Switch in October. But outside of the name and the general release date, we didn’t know what the Switch would really do. Then, late night Thursday, January 12, 2017 Nintendo finally confirmed a lot of information about their new console.

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a rare look inside of nintendo during snes super nintendo super famicon era

Getting a glimpse into the space that some of my favorite childhood feeling and memories came from as an adult is absolutely mesmerizing. Nintendo during the Super Nintendo period took place while I was a young teenager. It was when I was developing into a person and began to understand consequences with outcomes. The perfect age to begin realizing my game design passions.

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Nintendo copyright book

It’s no secret that Nintendo of America is very protective of their copyright. The Nintendo Seal of Approval during the NES days ensured that only Nintendo could decide who could make games on their console and those who didn’t play by the rules could pound sand. Fast forward to the Internet age and it seems Nintendo still keeps a very tight grip on who gets to play around with their intellectual property.

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Legend of Zelda NX

Nintendo will feature the new Legend of Zelda this week at E3 this year. This is their only content that they’ll be showing this year so it better be good.

For those of you who have been out of the loop, the next generation Zelda was announced around this time in 2014 and details have been pretty scarce ever since. The general idea was that this would be a completely open area game like Skyrim instead of the linear style that fans are used to. The game appeared to still have the Zelda touch to it and would utilize the Wii U’s features. Time has passed and the game has been delayed to the point that it will most likely be a launch title for the new Nintendo console; the Nintendo NX. While we’ve had a really great Zelda title in Link Between Worlds, it’s time for big console adventure. Here’s what I want.

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