Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys. What a perfect name for the first official Rick and Morty game from Adult Swim Games.

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Pocket Mortys

It looks like Pokemon and in the video teaser Rick is challenged by Bluu. Bluu chooses a Scruffy Morty to battle Rick’s Morty. What happens after that is a mystery.

According to Adult Swim Games the price for Pocket Mortys is Free when it arrives on Android and iOs on January 14, 2016. Free up some space on your phone now!


Today Marvel revealed a handful of the future Alumni of Marvels Avengers Academy, that you will get to roam the campus with when the game releases early next year. The game will of course be based on the the youth years of our favorite super hero’s lives, that’s if they knew of each other, had there abilities and where all crammed into the same University together. The game will set you up with several fun activities such as building your own University with sports facilities, training arenas, combat zones, dorms, classes, all while attending them as well, as you try to keep up with your dating and social life on your free time. There has yet to be any actual game play for us to see, but by the sound of things, this will be one of the must play mobile games to grace our devices this upcoming year, along with Marvels Sequel to there Facebook hit franchise Avengers Alliance.

The current revealed characters you will get to play as, as of now are
Captain America
Iron Man
Black Widow
Ms. Marvel

Marvels Avengers Academy is an Adventure Simulator by TinyCo. Games, scheduled for release in 2016


I know a few people from the Madden Mobile community didn’t like what I had to say about the main man, especially after the long struggle we had to go through to get him, but I wasn’t going to play dumb and just sit by playing with my new toy pretending he’s something he’s not or at least partially wasn’t. Even though I changed things up a bit he still happened to fall short in some aspects, just like before.

 But still, you ask, you are not implementing him right, short passes, screens, etc. etc. and all due respect, I don’t care or will care about him being able to pull those plays off. They don’t mean a thing to me in a WR or is how I will ever grade a WR for this season. Why? you may ask, well, it’s because you can work your way through H2H, Season and Tournament with the weakest of receivers and running backs just as long as there agility, speed and catch are great. We can even take receivers out of the equation and talk about the budget beast, the holy grail McKinnon all day, who will do feed your needs with screens, short passes and will take it one step further and actually act as your running back all the way to the bank. He can do that and so can many other low leveled players, so when it comes to grading, screens and short passes don’t make the list for the reason that a gold player HB can give you the same performance, but just as better since he wont be covered or plagued with defensive all around him.

thanks to Med4_5Head for giving me the idea ” By the end of this season, he’ll only viable for slot-work”, because if it wasn’t for him, I would of never came back to OBJ as a receiver and would of stuck with Gronk full time.

The Re-Review

Season Mode [ A+] 10/10

He got a terrible review in the last article, but I am happy to tell you after he was switched up to slot, he ended up becoming a stickem magnet. Play after play, 60 yard passes after 60 yard passes, the mad man was coming though with the 6. He was flawless, even when covered by more then one defender, but still on a few occasions his height still came into play and got him picked off. Though I did only end up getting picked twice in about 3 to 4 games after switching to Slot, which still ended up being an 100% improvement over the last evaluation where he was in the WR 1 position. The defenders stayed with him as usually since the AI seems to be over boosted in the game, but somehow he still ended pulling off the incredible. Though it was a risky move throwing any deep pass to him once you got closer to the end zone in around the 30 yards, which made you either have to throw to him in short passes, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing since that is where he excels at the most.

H2H [ F- ] 0/10

It’s the same as before only i will give him an F+ for not getting picked off right away, but he still ended up with enough in-completions and picks in 3 games to keep him in the F- grade, honestly I don’t think there will ever be a WR that will be able to hold it down in long passes in Head To Head, even Gronk has trouble in this mode of the game, though I would say Gronk might end up the best H2H receiver in the game for the rest of the season, unless another version of him comes along with much better stats, which I also wouldn’t doubt.

All in all, the best players and positions in my honest opinion for H2H are the ones who continue to reign supreme, yes, the HB, the running backs. The best receiver to throw to, since they lack coverage from the defense and can double up as there main position an run it off when needed. Smash is the best play in game when not defended and when it is there are at least two more plays like it. If all the receiving short throw plays for the HB are countered you can always go back to the running game with your running backs or even try a few long pass plays where they you HB’s are implemented in.

So in the end, it’s no surprise that OBJ doesn’t live up to his hype in H2H, but then again why would you think he would. He can still come in handy as a short pass/screen playmaker if your HB is taking to much heat, because in the end it’s never a bad thing to have a plan B or C, depending who your plan B is between OBJ and Gronk.

Tournament was left out because it’s a 16 hour refresh until I can play it again. I will update with a grade as soon as I get a chance. [ Un-professionalism FTW ]

Tournament [ A+ ] 11/10

Nothing changed from last time we played with him in the Tournament mode, He was still godly and beasted at everything you could throw at him while in slot, which is amazing because balling out with him in the Tournament Mode as a WR was easy to begin with, he is an amazing receiver and is recommended as slot in this mode as well as in Season. Just saddens me that I have to wait 24 hours to use him 3 more times, this might be my favorite mode hands down where I get to use MM ODell in. He ends up being waaaaay overpowered and slightly feels like he’s on roids and this is while using him against 90 overall teams with 90 overall defenses. This is the only Mode as of right now where you can truly see the stats and agility of OBJ actually play out and be noticed. Try it out for yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Have fun and ball-out!

Overall Grade A+


Why an A+ you may ask? Well he was outstanding after being moved over to slot in every aspect, yes he flopped in H2H, but every receiver flops in H2H, H2H is so broken that you are forced to use nothing but short passes and screend with WR’s and Running backs, it’s ridiculous, so I don’t take a broken mode into account, because it would take a miracle player to end up catching the deep pass and dominating on it in Madden Mobile. The verdicts are in, we have our King of slot for the time being.

Let me know what you think about the way your OBJ handles in the comments below, because we all know these players can end up handling differently for each individual.

The struggle, The Grind, what was it all for? The shine, the opportunity to out class your opponent and catch every impossible throw and take the game from anyone who attempted to deem themselves worthy against your team aaaaand it was a fluke. Yes! the long grueling process of getting one of the most overpowered players in Madden Mobile ended up being a joke, with over 3 H2H games played, 3 Tournament Drives and one hole season game done in under an hour, the results where in, Slow, Short and incompetent. Though he came through in Tournament mode, even though he fumbled, which was forgiven over the fact that he was smacked by Rod Woodson after his breath taking catch, even though that Rod Woodson was in the low 90’s I had to be generous since it was Rod Woodson, but even then, we expect better from the one and only, OBJ Mobile Masters.

Though this review will sound more than a bash full tantrum at the Elite card we all hoped to grip our hands on, let me just say these may be all unlucky games and may in fact mean nothing, they where just first time play games with thoughtless passes and sometimes it can even take the gamer a while to get use to a new card. But still it leaves you with the thought of, this dude is getting picked by small time elites, continuously running through the back of your head, as you try to make every excuse to yourself that he is still the card you dreamt of when you first laid eyes on the Mobile Masters set at the beginning of the season.

Killing the Player


Let’s get into the negatives, the 64 Strength and 71 Carry are killing OBJ in gameplay, even after I boosted his strength to 71 with Domination Gronk he ended up dropping the ball. The only reason Tournament didn’t end up 3 straight wins was over the fact that he got slammed right after his tremendous catch, but what made it worst is that it was a second after he caught the ball instead of right when he was going to catch it, I’ll take a player who drops in-completions all day over one who fumbles, especially when speedy heavy hitters are on your trail 24/7. Lets not even mention that it was the 2nd game of my OBJ’s MM’s career, Ouch.

99 Jump, Acceleration, Awareness, Catch and 96 speed, Where are they at? I was waiting time after time for it to show up in Season and H2H, but it was nowhere to be found. Maybe I just got the bad pick of the litter when it came to the Season Mode team I played against, maybe they where straight up too beast, but then again, I doubt they have a 99 Safety or CornerBack on there team, because one doesn’t exists yet. Though, I can tell you this, all OBJ’s stats are amazingly noticeable when in Tournament mode and live up to the elite status we wanted from him in the first place.

Yes there can be several counter arguments in the case of maybe the Quarterback wasn’t accurate enough or me myself not throwing at the right time, there are many variables to take into consideration. Though I did purposely throw the balls off wonky, I did at least expect him to out shine the competition by a lot, especially with his stats, come on now, How are you going to be the most sought after player, when you can’t even live up to Domination Gronks 99 card? His card was overhyped, but then again it may be due to the fact that you can find nothing but broken ai and physics in this seasons Madden Mobile, in the end, it was fun getting to the end of the road, but the end of the road wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be.

What bums me out the most is that he might be an elite player, maybe he just wasn’t the one I expected and by that I mean, maybe I wasn’t using him right, some cards in Madden Mobile are Bomb catchers or Bullet handlers, maybe OBJ is a bullet handler, because when it came to the long bombs he was a no show, I was expecting the same play from him I got from Legend Jerry Rice last season, because how are you going to advertise the one handed catcher and have a player who is weak at the long pass. I’ll let you decide for yourselves whether he truly is a flop or a stickem magnet.

The Good Kinda


He is the best WR so far in my honest opinion for Tournament Mode, but there is a catch, if he keeps up like he did when Rod Woodson hit him in my one out of 3 Tournament games, then he might end up the Michael Vick of Wide Receivers, especially after the 99 Safeties and Cornerbacks start showing up later this season. Who knows, maybe he is just gimped out right now by EA, maybe his true form will be unleashed later on, but for now he is a dangerous player to count on, but when he does work, he does work, even catching impossible sideline catches, which was pretty jaw dropping if I say so myself. For right now, I will let you decide for yourself, but for me he is a flop and not worth keeping on my team like Domination Sherman was last season. Domination Gronk on the other hand, beastly.

Overall Grade C


Tournament: A- (depending if the fumble issue becomes and ongoing thing, then B-)

Season: D (to many incomplete passes and when they are caught it’s usually a pick)

H2H: F (don’t even bother, stick to Gronkination)

{Note to reader, I don’t test short or screen plays with WR Elite or Mobile Master Players, since they are not sought after traits, they are not something I look for in a WR, since a low leveled gold player such as McKinnon can overplay most WR out there on those plays alone and he’s an running back.}

Let me know your experiences and what you would grade him after your experiences with him on your team, in the comments below.

The road to the Hall Of Fame can be a General Grievous one, but it’s a must do if you plan on owning the most elite player of Madden Mobile, well at least for now. I for some reason decided to push through it in the last 3 days starting at around 2 million, Though I was planning on doing it with a gold offense, I soon realized that I wasn’t going to be able to throw or run a darn thing without bringing in some monsters to the front-lines. Though spamming is known to be frowned upon, don’t ever be afraid to spam a play that works, the haters are not going to get OBJ for you, so do what you got to do, as long as it is legit. And if those people want to put there values of gaming all up in your face, then in the future just flash your OBJ in theirs or you can just keep it classy,  just know that they will most likely never own OBJ. Because trust me, there hasn’t been one player I had gone up against that hasn’t used a play more than once and or used it again on there next turn.

 But back to the Hall Of Fame, I know there’s a few of you having trouble getting through the lower levels, but that’s okay it will eventually click, the players will eventually pop in your eyes and tell you that they suck at this or that position or on a certain play, there are certain players that exceed in bullet passes and suck at Bombs or vice versa. Learning not to pick plays that are on your opponents level will come to you over time, it helps so much when your opponent is to low on a level to counter your plays, oh, how it helps, being able to catch when an opponent doesn’t know what he is doing counter wise, will help you marvelously also, because now you can throw your favorite play again on your next turn and the one after that. There is so much that can help you so I made a some what short list on things to keep your eyes on, Don’t be afraid to tell me I’m wrong on a certain subject, because I’m not for giving the wrong advice to people, when I am trying to help.


Lets GO!


HOLD IT DOWN – My o-line was nothing but elites who specialize on pass blocking with high awareness to keep them smart and up beat with the plays

HULK SMASH – I used the the play smash a lot

TONY ROMO’D – don’t depend on deep passes so much, they get picked off, like a lot

ALBERT EINSTEIN – Learn every play in the playbook and use it to your advantage, by the end of H2H you will be a 100x better at the game then you where before and understand a lot more on how things work with your team and future players.

I CAN SEE INTO YOUR DREAMS – Know your players, example, which linemen is the first to choke and lets someone through, count how long it takes him to do that and keep it as a counting measurement for how long you have before you get sacked and have to let go of the ball.

HIT ME! I SAID HIT ME! – Take a sack over trying to get the ball off during/right before being tackled or else it will result in a fumble or a pick

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR > WOODY – know which receiver catches the ball 100% of the time  or 50% of the time, because even though you might not get picked off when you used a certain player that is 50/50 with his catches, in h2h a dropped ball can equal a picked ball because if it doesn’t fall straight to the ground it’s now in your opponents hands and that’s a run back with a 6 point touchdown for them. So choose your favorite toy carefully.

THE ANXIETY ATTACK – The anxiety attack is what I name the fourth down, the make or break. so have short or safe 4th down play ready, a few of mine are slants middle, fb flare and Edge circle. One involves my HB and the other two involve GRONK.

YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN – About 100% of the time go for the 1 point kick over the 2 point play.

NO REALLY, YOU’RE NOT SUPERMAN – on the kick return don’t do anything fancy(spin) or juke, just run and take your tackle or just call it in on the endzone.

SPEEDING TANKS – have an amazing defensive line with high awareness, I like mine to specialize in speed, acceleration and pursuit, pursuit most of all, it will most likely prevent every pick from always becoming a 6 point lead for your opponent.

LAYING THE SMACK DOWN, WHILE IN BED – when you are not playing H2H and are defending, swap out offensive players with ones that have boosts. so your Defense will have a bit of an advantage when taking on your enemies. Also, Since I don’t use any receivers other than Dom Gronk and my HB McKinnon, It was useful to have my WR’s with an awareness boost on each of them or any other type of boost in matter a’fact, it will help your Offense and especially your Defense be that much more devastating to other peoples squads.

DO YOU EVEN LIFT MATE? – Push a lot, as in play (and win if you can) a lot of games in one moment of time, so you can rank up before anyone plays you, it usually takes someone 12 hours to finally decide to play you or even more from my experience, so I take that as an advantage to get me a ton of fans before I start losing any.

GET BACK SOME OF YOUR DIGNITY – Play your losing games, you may have lost fans, but as long as you prevent your opponent from scoring anymore and score at least once, you will get a few of your fans back, and that’s what losing games are about, gaining a bit back of what you have lost.

RUN AWAY BUT DON’T? – If someone has challenged you and they took away some fans, don’t forfeit or play him just yet, make them wait around the full time before playing them or letting the time forfeit for you, just in case they decide to play you right after to take more fans away from you.

AYE’ McFLY (The Biff, AKA The Bully) – always go back to your completed games and pick on the weakest link you have come up against that has given you the most points, do it over and over and over, they might be cracking and going crazy, but better them than you.

RUN IT BUT DON”T GUN IT – at least try one running play for every 4 drives you have per first down, if you can and if you find a weak spot, take advantage of it. The run play that just got popular is HB Counter Strength, with his friend HB blast standing right next to him, because when you find a rare gem, it will finally come and get over used by everyone else, so you have to find another one. The plays I started running near the end where HB Counter and HB Off Tackle. Also, one more thing, HB slant18 is a run to keep your eyes on while defending, when someone uses that play it works extremely well so counter it immediately.

EAGLE EYES – Watching your opponent while taking his runs, yeah, I said it, it’s possible and sometimes you might to have to spend 10 minutes before he even starts, but if you do catch them taking there runs while you are watching then you will be able to have a chance at quickly countering them and bringing them to there defeat.

LEARN HOW TO PICK-EM – Find your all time favorite play above 44 and play everyone under that level, for Smash it’s a bit tricky since you can find anyone from around 42-44 with it, so you take gambles playing anyone above 41, but are safe at 41 and under, well you should be.

LEARN HOW TO STOP – Near the end of your 10 million fan stride, learn how to stop playing, yes, if your are on your 4th down after 3 failed attempts, just save and exit and never come back to that game ever again, you are trying to gain fans to push you to the last 200-300k that you need, so keep it smart.

LEARNING WHEN TO WIN! – You have outscored your very difficult opponent, you are taking the final drive it’s 7-3, you make it to the 5 yards line, you can have another 7 points and bring up your fans or you can risk getting picked off and having your opponent running it back for 6 points and the win, yeah, it’s happened, a few times, so just learn when to WIN.

I AM THE FLASH!, NO WAIT, NOOOO! – Yeah, don’t let go of the ball to quickly, because if it hits the back of your receiver before he even turns back to catch it, it will bump off and count as a fumble, you don’t think so? Well that’s how I lost a few of my All Madden games.

GRONKSTALAVISTA – Seriously though, GET DOMINATION GRONK, he will make those must need plays a bit easier, I would say a lot, but there’s no 100% guaranteed games in H2H

NO I IN TEAM – Use everything to your advantage and don’t be afraid to change your team, being a 49ers fan I had to switch it up a bit and change to the Cardinals, Why the cardinals, will I needed to team boost which doesn’t help too much but everything counts. But why the cardinals? Well, I seen that they had some of the most elite players on the defensive side that also included a captain Mathieu that gives the cardinals +2 in acceleration. Along with Captain Mathieu, there’s also signature Cromartie, Season Veteran Abraham, Veteran Campbell and the ridiculous hard to get ROLLE. On offense there is Signature Fitzgerald and the Free Agent Iupati, but Iupati is a run blocker so I don’t really know if he will fit with a pass block offense.

GET LUCKY AND UPGRADE – If you want this, you have to spend everything you make, no saving and no getting to spend your whole lotto coin op on the one player Ferrari you always wanted, that doesn’t even have the stats you need to get you through to the next or final tier of H2H.

LEVEL UP – Don’t give your opponents the win, they will be able to counter about you whole playlist depending on your level, while they run there favorite plays on you

There is probably more I could say that could help you out with your drive to ultimateness, that I am not thinking of, but hopefully others can help you over at the best forum in gaming





In just a few days some of the most elite players will be finally getting there hands on Domination OBJ, What does that mean? A bunch of elite players with high awareness/catch players trying to keep you from getting to Hall Of Fame. Yeah, it’s not really likely, but you don’t need that one troll to start keeping gamers from there dream player. So try to get him as quickly as you can, who knows maybe I’m just making a huge thing about it.







[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00U33Q940″]

Platforms : iOS/Android/Windows Phone

Price: $4.99 with in app purchases

Lara Croft Go is a mobile game made by Square Enix. The game stars Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series. This game has a player guide Lara through various stages to solve puzzles and collect precious artifacts. The Unity3D engine provides simple yet detailed environments that provide the purchaser with over 100 levels.
The game play is simple – move Lara about a pre-determined path to solve puzzles. Lara has different weapons at her disposal but the main item is her gun. Lara only uses the gun when there’s an obstacle or enemy to use it on. There’s also a spear which allows you to kill enemies from a distance.
In addition to solving the puzzles, there are hidden treasures that you can collect. Since it’s very possible to miss these objects, it adds a bit of replay value to the game. Each stage has different types of treasure to collect so you’re not collecting 500 of a single gem.

In App Purchases
Since the game costs five dollars, in app purchases are not as intrusive as a free game like Angry Birds 2. If you die, you can restart the level as many times as you want, you don’t have to buy bullets and all the levels are unlockable in game. The only thing you have the option to purchase is outfits for Lara to wear in game. These are cosmetic and do not affect the outcome of the game in anyway. Prices start at $1.99
What I like about the game:
Lara Croft Go is beautiful and simple to play. The puzzles are challenging and the lack of in app purchases make it well worth 5 dollars I paid for it.

So Pretty

So Pretty

What I don’t like:
The controls are a little wonky – sometimes I accidently move up instead of right.

Final thoughts:
If you like these types of games, by all means, pick up Lara Croft Go. If you played Hitman GO and liked that, you’ll feel right at home with this game.


After speculations and a long wait to hear about Joe Montana Football we finally get some meat. And the meat ends up coming off as bone, after it being revealed as a mobile game, that will come to PC after its IOS, Android release. I agree it’s not what the fans wanted at all , but can it grow to something more? Especially when Madden Mobile reigns supreme on our tablets and phones and is getting closer to the start of their 2nd continuous year on their Madden Mobile app.


Why convert? everything is perfect and their is no need for competition, so that leaves us with? What will Joe Montana bring to the table besides a name? it must not be the same experience or else their wouldn’t be so much confidence in the game to begin with. But even though these are questions we ask ourselves and are disappointed in what we have found out recently doesn’t make it far from a good game, it just makes it a game that might possibly be hurt by our own hype, a hype that the team of Joe Montana Football didn’t ask for, so all we can do is wait and hope for something glorious and on the bright side, Football is back on PC!


Now go get yourself registered to Joe Montana Football 16’s Alpha and give it some love, lets not be those people, lets show support and help this franchise grow, it can become something greater, something we truly want and need in our lives, lets get it! Game time! Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

 What to look forward to from what we know


Sim Gaming

My Career like Story Mode

Create your own Stadium? Customized seats and fan happiness?