gamestop clothing shirts tshirt fallout sale $1.97

The title says it all! Gamestop has video game t shirts for $1.97 including, Fallout, Star Wars, Gears of War, Assassin’s Creed, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Halo, and more!

Your milage may vary YMMV on this one, but it will be pretty cool if you can score some in your size.

Information about the deal can be found in this post on

They are all in store so it can require some calling around. I just tried to score a pickup through online for a Fallout shirt, but received a call in minutes saying they don’t have any at my local Gamestop.

Here is the list of all the discounted merchandise. Good luck and be sure to let us know what you scored!

This Saturday, GameStop is hosting an Amiibo pre-order event for a Retro 3 pack of R.O.B. , Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt.
What you need to know:

• This 3 pack will be exclusive to GameStop and be the only way you can get these 3 Amiibos. As far as anybody can tell, they won’t be sold individually.
• GameStop will be holding these pre-orders in store only on Saturday. These will be first come first serve and you need $5 as a down payment
• Some GameStop stores will be opening an hour early only to Power Up Rewards PRO members. Membership can be purchased for $15 the day of the sale and can be cancelled up to 7 days later.
• All GameStop stores will have their expected on hand stock displayed at the store FRIDAY so you can get a good idea on how early you need to show up for pre-orders. They will also be announcing when they’ll be open. Expect about 30 per store
• Pre-Orders are one per person – so don’t think you just buy them all.
Speculation is swirling that the 3 pack is going to be very rare, but at 30 per store, hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on one. People who only wanted one of the 3 characters are salty they’re forced to buy all three.

There are others who are complaining that they want to keep them in the box and now the three pack is throwing off their flow. Sour grapes all around, but that’s to be expected because collectors are never happy. We’re always angry.
I’ll be lining up at my GameStop because I want a R.O.B. Amiibo to put next to my R.O.B. for the NES.
Happy hunting!

This Saturday August 8th there will be a special event at Gamestop. While no one knows exactly what the event will be, it’s very likely that pre-orders for a retro pack of Amiibos are going to occur. Rumors have been building since Friday and a handful of Gamestop employees have anonymously confirmed that there is an event happening on Saturday.

So what’s going to be up for pre-order? The 3 pack of R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game and Watch Amiibo will be available for a 5 dollar deposit at your local Gamestop only. There’s a rumor that each store will have roughly 30 on hand to reserve. There is still debate on this number. Some people think it’s a minimum of 30 and some say its 30 average. Either way, if you’re looking to grab these three Amiibos that are probably going to be rare, you might want to get your butt to Gamestop when they open on Saturday morning.

If you’re a PowerUP Rewards Pro Member at Gamestop, you might be able to get in up to an hour early depending on your local Gamestop’s store policy. Rumors are stating that some stores are opening their doors to Pro Members but again that hasn’t been confirmed or denied. If you aren’t a Pro Member, you can upgrade for $15 a year. Being a Pro Member also entitles you to discounts and better rewards so it might not be a bad deal to upgrade for the year and see if it pays for itself.

Of course this is all rumors and information is subject to change. I will keep you updated if something does indeed change. You should also take it upon yourself to check in with your local Gamestop on Friday to see if they are opening early for Pro Members so that way you can get there early and get your pre-order in. As always, please be polite to your fellow Gamestop representative. They’re people too and probably aren’t aware of concrete details at this time.

Good luck and happy hunting!

GameStop has been working on getting back into the retro game market for a while now. When it was first announced, there was mad speculation on how this would affect the retro video game market. Would it trigger the burst of the retro video game bubble? Or would it cause games like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound to climb so high, you needed to take out a second mortgage to play it? The store is now live and the prices are…. Actually reasonable. Chrono Trigger is listed for 90 dollars, 4 dollars below the average 94 listed from pricecharting and Conker’s Bad Fur Day is 80 dollars, 3 dollars below the average 80 listed on pricecharting. Of course both of these items along with other desirable titles are listed as out of stock at the time of this article. One surprising item – the NES top loader was listed for 60 dollars. Well below eBay’s going rate.

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Gamestop is going to start taking older video games back to the Nintendo Entertainment System starting with a small market in New York. This pilot program will eventually lead to Gamestop selling retro games on their website to take advantage of a growing economy that has focused on playing games from the good ol’ days.
This decision shouldn’t really surprise anybody interested in picking up used games on older systems. Gamestop has been selling their games more at the market rate for the better part of two years. They know what this stuff is “worth” and are making sure they get their cut. The best example of this practice is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – the game is no longer in print and since Majora’s Mask 3D was announced, the price has skyrocketed. Used copies are fetching well over 50 dollars even though the digital version on the eShop is $39.99. Gamestop sells (if you can find it) copies for $54.99 and you have no guarantee that you’re getting a complete copy.

Cart only for 55 is a bargain compared to eBay prices

Cart only for 55 is a bargain compared to eBay prices

So what’s going to happen to the retro video game economy when this goes live? Will there fabled video game bubble burst and cause prices to bottom out? Doubtful. Unless Gamestop all of a sudden keeps a steady stock of Earthbound and Chrono Trigger in stock and keeps the price reasonable, the market prices will stay at a high level.
The only issue I do take with Gamestop selling retro games is that the overall quality of the item (Manual, box, label) is not guaranteed. For the majority of the population interested in purchasing retro games, this isn’t an issue. But for collectors interested in near mint items, they may want to steer clear of the website unless Gamestop starts posting pictures of each and every item they have in stock and price accordingly.
Gamestop will be just another contender in the retro game market and I don’t think anybody will take too much notice unless they start selling the retro games in the stores. So relax, people. This was an inevitability and I’m honestly surprised it took as long as it did.

Rare might be ready to release a game using their own IP for the first time since 2008. Microsoft has renewed the Battletoads trademark and last week Phil Spencer, lead of Xbox, was wearing a t-shirt with a Battletoads logo at the Windows 10 presentation. When asked about it by Gamespot, he said he’s never “worn a t-shirt that’s been a complete head-fake.”


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Battletoads would be a welcome surprise. Rare has been quite dormant since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2003. Kinect Sports Rivals was their last game. It was far from a best seller considering that it required a Kinect that not too many people bought for the Xbox One. I was able to pick up the title for twenty dollars, but I’m probably the only one who actually enjoys the Kinect.

With the Kinect no longer being bundled with the Xbox One, it could be a safe bet that the new Battletoads would not be a motion control filled proof of concept game and perhaps a title that gets people talking about Rare. Hopefully it will be a new title and not a reskinned HD Remake that’s been popular for the past 3 years.

If it’s successful we’ll get my favorite Rare title: Snake Rattle “n” Roll.