No Mans Sky

Every couple of months there’s a new game that is announced and long before it hits the shelves people proclaim it to be the best game of all time. Then the game actually comes out and those who wished so hard for it to be great break the sound barrier as they crash down to reality. Then they either sulk into obscurity awaiting the next big thing or buy into the delusion that this is still the greatest. Lashing out at anybody who says otherwise.

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Legend of Zelda NX

Nintendo will feature the new Legend of Zelda this week at E3 this year. This is their only content that they’ll be showing this year so it better be good.

For those of you who have been out of the loop, the next generation Zelda was announced around this time in 2014 and details have been pretty scarce ever since. The general idea was that this would be a completely open area game like Skyrim instead of the linear style that fans are used to. The game appeared to still have the Zelda touch to it and would utilize the Wii U’s features. Time has passed and the game has been delayed to the point that it will most likely be a launch title for the new Nintendo console; the Nintendo NX. While we’ve had a really great Zelda title in Link Between Worlds, it’s time for big console adventure. Here’s what I want.

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