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Bound to stay in the hearts for the rest of eternity

The amazing team at GameTrailers as of today, right now, about 50 minutes ago, is no more. They have been holding down gaming entertainment for the last 13 years and is a name we have all come to love, so we wish the best to the team. Make sure to get in your farewells in about 8 minutes when they go live on Twitch for the very last time, as GameTrailers at least.

Watch them go live one last time

Designed by Super Giant Games art director Jen Zee and in collaboration with We Love Fine

Comes this exquisite 6″ High, limited run release of Transistors main protagonist Red. The Statue/Figurine comes in a translucent package that allows Vinyl lovers and collectors to be able to gaze at the beauty of the figure without ever having to take it out of the package. The figure is currently available on the Super Giant Games store front for a measly $34.99 , which is a surprising low price now days, since companies like to charge an arm and a leg for any of there properties merchandising and that is including indie devs, but then again, why wouldn’t they? So it’s a breath of fresh air to have something coming straight from a beloved indie game, be at a reasonable price range for once.

If The statue is not your thing and would like to drop money on something that will come to use in your daily life, then we recommend the really awesome 8GB USB Model of the Transistor sword.

My road to the Oculus began a late stormy night, a strange man knocked on my door, he said “Ay mang, you wanna buy some snicker doodles” and I was all like ” Yes sir, I would love some snicker doodles.” so I bought some snicker doodles, but anyways. I went back to my super epic command center, which is where I do my super awesome reading ( All The Adverts! all up in ya! ) When Oculus twittered tweeted “Bruh, we started from the bottom and now we will be here in 2 days.” so I made sure to get on that. So after doing the time glitch like in Animal Crossing the Oculus was finally upon me! 3,2,1 …… Wait what! The site won’t load, $600! $680 with tax and shipping! What is all this nonsense! It was a  raging shit storm of angry rakins t bagging confused Sony fans at a no online service contest.

I started to question my self and also questioning if I really wanted the Oculus after all, two different subjects I know, but why not throw it in anyways, but that is besides the point. The point is as much as the future of gaming is VR, as much as I have wanted this gaming experience in my life since Disney’s Blank check and The First Kid, not to be forgotten the marvelous show VR Troopers. Did I really want it that much? Did I want it enough that I would drop $700 in a seconds notice, even though the library of games announced are trash and that there are rumors of the Vive being 10x more powerful? Well, of course, duh. But then again all it really was, was a pre order, no reason in beating myself up over the decision, I have a month and a half to cancel if I decide to change my mind. But I promise you this, I will be keeping my eyes peeled throughout the next few weeks and making my decision with which VR headset I decide to go with, because no matter what, VR gaming will be in my future, whether it’s the Vive or Oculus. Though the time is upon us to head to the other side, Hello….. can you here me…. I’m in California dreaming of what VR can finally be…

There is still time to decide and see, do you want the hype of the future to fall flat with the decision you make or do you watch carefully and make sure it’s everything you dreamt of it being. Because the last thing you want is to power a fail machine and turn a company into an un-reliable hardware distributor that everyone throws there money at, at the launch of every new device, that is just an updated broken piece of garbage as the last version they put out. Wow, where is that anger coming from? Oh it’s nothing, it’s not like the majority of us haven’t been screwed over time and time again by Microsoft, RRod Xbox 360, Broken sound in the headset Jack problem in there Surface tablets and not to mention there very very sorry excuse of an app store that has nothing in it. How can you even call it a tablet when you can’t even support Pandora or Spotify, along with a number of many other basic services we get from our android/ios counterparts. Yes, yes, I know off topic, but is it really? We are venturing into a company, a brand new company, that is just now starting there app service, that has a dashboard in the rift or that will be available for it, that has no support and even if there is, we have no clue whether they will actually support it. Although my mind is still set as of now in getting the Oculus, After setting up my mothers Surface tablet and being a early Xbox 360 adapter, I see and know of the roads that the Oculus can lead. There are many what if cons that come along with it, but what about the what ifs, from the pro side?

Well lets talk about the pros then my friend. It’s owned by Facebook, it has been in development for years so there is no way it can be lacking that much power compared to the Vive, even though it wont have the apps or same Steam software compared to HTC’s product, it is looking into venturing in the cinematic universe as well, so why do all these things make it superior compared to the Vive? Because the Oculus has more then just video games in mind, it has the same dream and idealism that Facebook and Twitter had when they where both let loose upon us. They are going beyond the blue print of Virtual Gaming and trying to bring us into the world of Virtual Reality. What does that mean you may ask? Well as of now, Twitch is already working on becoming VR/Oculus compatible, Facebook will most likely become VR compatible and I have no doubt in my mind, that many are following suit and I honestly hope they do. Because Virtual Reality should go far beyond gaming. Because whether you disagree or not, it’s not really a Virtual Reality if it’s over at Game Over.

We can go beyond gaming, we can take Virtual Reality to new heights, to a marvelous new form of education and a new way of interaction and showing affection. Soldiers being able to physically interact with there children, Teachers being able to reach out to children all across the world and be there in person through virtual reality, though for now the Oculus is too expensive to do such things, it will become accessible to all at one point, but I agree it can’t come soon enough.

Reality is upon us my friends, Embrace it.

Developer Hi-Rez Studios is celebrating 20 years of Tribes Universe and as a gift they are providing all of the legacy games free to download.

Starseige:Tribes was an important game for multiplayer gaming. It is an excellent game that was really popular for some of my friends in high school.

I, unfortunately, had shitty phone lines which made my dial-up internet connection atrocious. I was lucky to make it through a full game of Warcraft or Quake online.

Now our internet is so damn fast you can probably download all the games in under a minute, I suggest you do it and get some nostalgia before Fallout 4 reckts havoc on all our lives.

Hello Lads and Gals and Murlock pals, stay close, read quick and buy it, it’s that time of the year where your wallets start crying, from all the abuse you end up putting it through during the Steam holiday sales every year, but today while scrolling around it seemed like a few video game kiosks have started a bit early with the sails, so grab a few trick or treat bags or even a pale, because these prices are sure to go off the rails.

Suspect #1

Golden Joystick Awards

$1 for Bioshock Infinite if you vote for game of the year and a few other categories, obviously you are going to have to make 2 accounts, one for green man gaming and another for play fire, but $1 for one of last gens prize possessions is totally worth it. Even better, it ends up being free if you play the game and the play fire software registers it and even gives out a few 60-75% off coupons when you unlock a specific achievement through the game.


Suspect #2

Humble Bundle

End Of Summer Sale Encore

Retro City Rampage $1 

Build Your Own Double Fine Bundle

( suggestion 3 games = 80% off, you add 2 cheap games and the high priced game you want and it will bring the whole thing down to $80 off or 85% off 5!)

Broken Age, Costume Quest, Massive Chalice, Grim Fandango, Stacking all for $11.99!!!!

Telltale Games Build Your Own Bundle

Walking Dead Season 1 & 2, Jurassic Park, B2TF and Wolf Among Us for $20 with Keys to both Steam and Telltales website.

Gods Will Be Watching $2.49

Valkyria Chronicles $5

Shadow Run Returns $2.50

Terraria $2.49

Lilly Looking Through  $.79

Fez $1.99

Super meat Boy $1.49

Costume Quest 2 $5.09



Indie Pinata $3, what will you get?

Whack your Piñata!

If you’re fond of surprises, for $3 (or your local equivalent), you can grab your own 100% whackable Piñata and find a random indie wonder inside – handpicked by us and Crunching Koalas. The Piñata can include games anywhere from $9.99 to $44.99, so there’s a deal (and a satisfying POP) behind every swing – and we’ll be ready to congratulate those of you who show off your discounted gains on Twitter with the hashtag #IndiePinata!



Portal Bundle under $7

Arkham Knight Nvidia Code under $12

Dragon Age Origins (under $2.50)

Deadlight under $2

Mad Max and Ripper DLC (under $20)



Roku 2 Refurbished $40

Let’s start with an introduction. I’m Johnny Luchador, you may remember me from such ventures on the internet as being the guy with a luchador mask who streamed over on that robot gaming website, or you may know me from my stream the Video Game Circus. You may also know me for my truthful reviews of games I’ve never played, or my scale of 13 outta 4 Hacksaw Jim Duggin ratings. Anywho, I’m here to give you another wonderful review of a video game. I hope you enjoy my straight forward approach as I won’t bullshit you, I’ll tell you if the game is dumb or if the game is worth buying a large box of Little Debbie snack cakes and take a bath in them while you play the newly purchased game because it was rad.

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Joe Montana Football 16 has been rumored to be unveiled this E3 and we are a few hours away from E3 starting up  again after yesterdays crazed in fueled announcement and we already have ourselves the Alpha update sign up page for the Joe Montana Football 16, sign up now, go, go ,go, Go!!!!!!!! A new competitor for the throne has arrived!

P.S. Joe Montana Football 16 is not going to be in any conference show this year. But stay tuned for some news later on today.

[Update] Joe Montana’s Football alpha update sign up page has gone under from the high demand of users signing up all at once, so Damon has asked everyone to DM  him their emails on twitter, also stay tuned for an interview from Unreal where we’ll finally be able to hear some actual news about the game, hopefully.

{Update : Sign up page is fixed]

Joe Montana Football





How did it slip right through me? Am I a Reaver in disguise? Well, I might as well be, since I’m going to eat this game right up when it finally releases for PC and Tablet/Phones. The date has yet to be determined, but rather later and shiny, than sooner and rusty.

The game might be a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped QMXi and Spark Plug games from giving us something to pass by the time. The Firefly Cortex is a collectible card game, that’s if you decide to drop the $5 on The Big Damn Hero package, which gets you your own Statue  in your own crappy town and your name in the credits in Firefly Online.

( A few videos of the cortex, before we get to Firefly online, excuse the awesomeness of a podcast in the background, I was listening to it while navigating through the verse.)

(Podcast will be linked at the end of article)

Otherwise the Firefly Cortex works as an in game name claimer and is a way to stay up to date with news and behind the scenes footage. The Cortex is littered with fun concept art and videos of the original actors portraying there roles, although  Gina Torres won’t be reprising her role this time around, at least for the first part of the series.

You’ll be able to unlock special nick knacks in game items, that will transfer into the MMO through and from the Cortex if you decide to buy the Big Damn Hero package. You can obtain  rare in game items such as the infamous Jayne hat and Captains chair by collecting all the cards to a series.  You can obtain these cards through chests that you earn by ranking aka leveling up through missions. or you can also buy pack of cards through the Trading Post/store.

(Quick tip, don’t sell your dupes for BP, since season 2 implemented stacking. not sure how it works just yet, just got me the Cortex last night.)

Missions are simple navigating, where is waldo type mini games, that you must do throughout the verse and are done so by clicking through a gorgeous map of the Firefly universe. Although all these are great and all, my absolute favorite feature of the Cortex had to be the Ship Viewer, where I could just stare at Serenity and change her color scheme all day long…… uh hmmmmm.

Now lets get to the meat, scrubs! Firefly Online will play as an old school Fallout/XCOM Turn Based RPG and a Freelancer like flight sim. It will have jobs as missions like every other mmo, but you can tell by the way Andy Gore has spoken about the franchise, that it will be far from  usual. The Male character you play as will be voice acted by the one and only Will ” WHEATON!!!!!!!” Wheaton(Will Wheaton) and the female verse actress will be no other than Courtenay Taylor (Rubber! and I guess Resident Evil and Mass Effect too, I guess, but come on, seriously now, how can those compete with Rubber.). The price for the game has yet to be determined, but what I know so far is that it will not be Free 2 Play nor will it be subscription based. The price will be a one time transaction, but there’s no indication what the price will be, other than it will be under $50, since Andy Gore felt it would be wrong if they charged a premium price on one platform, when he wanted the fans to also be able to own it on several platforms of their choice, without ending up dropping a hundred or so, especially when it will be pick up and play across all platforms from a single account.

 (Gore was also able to get his hands on the original Firefly footage from Fox  and watched it all frame by frame, to dissect it and add little whole lot of love into the game.)

The story mode is said to be beatable in the time frame of 20 hours if you decide to rush through it, but why would you want to do such a thing? Especially when you can go to the local bar and start a random gun fight or better yet, ship illegal cargo through out the verse while avoiding the Alliance and defending yourself against space pirates. Then again I can see why you would want to stay grounded, when you obviously want to avoid Reapers at all cost, unless…… reapers don’t only stay in space during the game….. *shivers*.

The trading post will be one of you main spots for jobs as you make your away around the planets and assemble your crew. The bar will be your primary destination for hiring members and actually starting bar fights, which might of sounded like I was joking about, but dead to rights, I was not. You can buy, sell and move cargo around the verse, but make sure it’s all legal contraband aboard or the alliance will stop and pay you a visit. You will be able to decorate the inside and outside of your ships with custom paint jobs and place unique items such as posters all over the interior.

While investigating the verse, make sure to make some BP(currency), since your ship will fall apart on you and you will the need the help of a mechanic, although you can go at it on your own, mechanicless, to get your rig as good as rusty as before, keeping it in running shape.  Get a crew, decorate your ship ala Sims galore, wreck on some fools and snatch away their weapon, crush it right in front of your opponent and make a custom gun that is forged out of all the parts of all your previous prey…. I mean.. enemies. (guns not souls…..)  If you wish to go the more Shepard route, just spend time in your bunker customizing the walls or room with trophies and collectibles or just chill in your garage pimping out your rides.

“Go to the bar, start a fight, Then hire Someone! Look at me ma’ I’m a true Entrepreneur!”- Cathew Murlock

You will be able to fast forward to planets, each and every single one found on the Cortex map, but you will still come up on random encounters that you will need to gather up your crew and defend yourself from, although it would help if your crew was properly trained…. Oh look at that! you can do that too! Which is one of the major reasons the game was made turn based, instead of your usual FPS that is centered solely around you and the character you play as instead of revolving around the people fighting aside you.  Turn based non FPS was the way to go for the core feature for any Firefly game and that core feature is Family,  the crew, the people you must care about and keep alive, even though through thick and thin, you might just want to clock them every once and a while. But make sure you never cross them or else you might lose them to another player in game, who might just get a mission to have your past companion coming right after you.

The release of the first act of Firefly may not be known, but it is near and will have four adventures(DLC) to come out soon after , which also has all the voice acting completed as of now. The current goal for Firefly Online unlike the rest of the MMO’s out there is to start off small and get 100,000 active players, instead of thinking large and only about sales. From what I have seen this project feels more like a love letter to the fans, than anything else and makes me feel nothing more than gitty inside.

This is Cathew Murlock signing out, BrownCoats UNITE!


P.S. Just found out that the ships you buy through the store gets you dibs and registers the name for your vessel, so if you have a couple names in mind, make sure to snatch them up quick. Now, without further ado say hello to the SS Epicpower!

P.S.S. Learned that there was a special ship that you got called the Kepler, that was redeemable in game if you registered before the end of August 2014, so bummed that I missed out, but at least I found this shiny code floating around the interverse, try it, it’ll give you a free ship. Type OVERLAND in the redeem box  located in the account section of the Cortex.

The Firefly podcast, with a whole lot more information  (Click Me)

Firefly Online’s media sites





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