Developers used a hacked version of xcode in China that infected the following apps:

Oogey Boogey

(If you have one, please delete it from your device until the developer has updated it to a safer version) How it happened and what the malware does is below the list:

Angry Birds 2 (only if it was downloaded from the China App Store)
CamScanner Lite
CamScanner Pro
Card Safe
China Unicom Mobile Office
CITIC Bank move card space
Didi Chuxing
Eyes Wide
Freedom Battle
guaji_gangtai en
Guitar Master
High German map
Hot stock market
I called MT
I called MT 2
IFlyTek input
Jane book
Lazy weekend
Mara Mara
Marital bed
Medicine to force
Micro Channel
Microblogging camera
nice dev
OPlayer Lite
PDFReader Free
Pocket billing
Poor tour
Quick asked the doctor
Quick Save
Railway 12306
snapgrab copy
Stocks open class
Telephone attribution assistant
The driver drops
The Kitchen
Three new board
Watercress reading
WinZip Sector
WinZip Standard

How it happened:

When Apple announces a new version of it’s iOs a developer needs to update their app to work with the new version. This requires updating the core development kit called xcode. Xcode unfortunately is a very large program that takes a long time to download, especially in China likely due to their firewalls and governance of the internet.

Developers in China downloaded xcode from a 3rd party provider that was much quicker. This version was infected with malware that allowed the hackers to package the malware into the legitimate apps which were uploaded by the legitimate developers to the App Store for anyone to download or update.

What the malware does:

Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks – which has analysed the malware dubbed XcodeGhost – said the perpetrators would also be able to send fake alerts to infected devices to trick their owners into revealing information.

It added they could also read and alter information in compromised devices’ clipboards, which would potentially allow them to see logins copied to and from password management tools.


The road to the Hall Of Fame can be a General Grievous one, but it’s a must do if you plan on owning the most elite player of Madden Mobile, well at least for now. I for some reason decided to push through it in the last 3 days starting at around 2 million, Though I was planning on doing it with a gold offense, I soon realized that I wasn’t going to be able to throw or run a darn thing without bringing in some monsters to the front-lines. Though spamming is known to be frowned upon, don’t ever be afraid to spam a play that works, the haters are not going to get OBJ for you, so do what you got to do, as long as it is legit. And if those people want to put there values of gaming all up in your face, then in the future just flash your OBJ in theirs or you can just keep it classy,  just know that they will most likely never own OBJ. Because trust me, there hasn’t been one player I had gone up against that hasn’t used a play more than once and or used it again on there next turn.

 But back to the Hall Of Fame, I know there’s a few of you having trouble getting through the lower levels, but that’s okay it will eventually click, the players will eventually pop in your eyes and tell you that they suck at this or that position or on a certain play, there are certain players that exceed in bullet passes and suck at Bombs or vice versa. Learning not to pick plays that are on your opponents level will come to you over time, it helps so much when your opponent is to low on a level to counter your plays, oh, how it helps, being able to catch when an opponent doesn’t know what he is doing counter wise, will help you marvelously also, because now you can throw your favorite play again on your next turn and the one after that. There is so much that can help you so I made a some what short list on things to keep your eyes on, Don’t be afraid to tell me I’m wrong on a certain subject, because I’m not for giving the wrong advice to people, when I am trying to help.


Lets GO!


HOLD IT DOWN – My o-line was nothing but elites who specialize on pass blocking with high awareness to keep them smart and up beat with the plays

HULK SMASH – I used the the play smash a lot

TONY ROMO’D – don’t depend on deep passes so much, they get picked off, like a lot

ALBERT EINSTEIN – Learn every play in the playbook and use it to your advantage, by the end of H2H you will be a 100x better at the game then you where before and understand a lot more on how things work with your team and future players.

I CAN SEE INTO YOUR DREAMS – Know your players, example, which linemen is the first to choke and lets someone through, count how long it takes him to do that and keep it as a counting measurement for how long you have before you get sacked and have to let go of the ball.

HIT ME! I SAID HIT ME! – Take a sack over trying to get the ball off during/right before being tackled or else it will result in a fumble or a pick

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR > WOODY – know which receiver catches the ball 100% of the time  or 50% of the time, because even though you might not get picked off when you used a certain player that is 50/50 with his catches, in h2h a dropped ball can equal a picked ball because if it doesn’t fall straight to the ground it’s now in your opponents hands and that’s a run back with a 6 point touchdown for them. So choose your favorite toy carefully.

THE ANXIETY ATTACK – The anxiety attack is what I name the fourth down, the make or break. so have short or safe 4th down play ready, a few of mine are slants middle, fb flare and Edge circle. One involves my HB and the other two involve GRONK.

YOU ARE NOT SUPERMAN – About 100% of the time go for the 1 point kick over the 2 point play.

NO REALLY, YOU’RE NOT SUPERMAN – on the kick return don’t do anything fancy(spin) or juke, just run and take your tackle or just call it in on the endzone.

SPEEDING TANKS – have an amazing defensive line with high awareness, I like mine to specialize in speed, acceleration and pursuit, pursuit most of all, it will most likely prevent every pick from always becoming a 6 point lead for your opponent.

LAYING THE SMACK DOWN, WHILE IN BED – when you are not playing H2H and are defending, swap out offensive players with ones that have boosts. so your Defense will have a bit of an advantage when taking on your enemies. Also, Since I don’t use any receivers other than Dom Gronk and my HB McKinnon, It was useful to have my WR’s with an awareness boost on each of them or any other type of boost in matter a’fact, it will help your Offense and especially your Defense be that much more devastating to other peoples squads.

DO YOU EVEN LIFT MATE? – Push a lot, as in play (and win if you can) a lot of games in one moment of time, so you can rank up before anyone plays you, it usually takes someone 12 hours to finally decide to play you or even more from my experience, so I take that as an advantage to get me a ton of fans before I start losing any.

GET BACK SOME OF YOUR DIGNITY – Play your losing games, you may have lost fans, but as long as you prevent your opponent from scoring anymore and score at least once, you will get a few of your fans back, and that’s what losing games are about, gaining a bit back of what you have lost.

RUN AWAY BUT DON’T? – If someone has challenged you and they took away some fans, don’t forfeit or play him just yet, make them wait around the full time before playing them or letting the time forfeit for you, just in case they decide to play you right after to take more fans away from you.

AYE’ McFLY (The Biff, AKA The Bully) – always go back to your completed games and pick on the weakest link you have come up against that has given you the most points, do it over and over and over, they might be cracking and going crazy, but better them than you.

RUN IT BUT DON”T GUN IT – at least try one running play for every 4 drives you have per first down, if you can and if you find a weak spot, take advantage of it. The run play that just got popular is HB Counter Strength, with his friend HB blast standing right next to him, because when you find a rare gem, it will finally come and get over used by everyone else, so you have to find another one. The plays I started running near the end where HB Counter and HB Off Tackle. Also, one more thing, HB slant18 is a run to keep your eyes on while defending, when someone uses that play it works extremely well so counter it immediately.

EAGLE EYES – Watching your opponent while taking his runs, yeah, I said it, it’s possible and sometimes you might to have to spend 10 minutes before he even starts, but if you do catch them taking there runs while you are watching then you will be able to have a chance at quickly countering them and bringing them to there defeat.

LEARN HOW TO PICK-EM – Find your all time favorite play above 44 and play everyone under that level, for Smash it’s a bit tricky since you can find anyone from around 42-44 with it, so you take gambles playing anyone above 41, but are safe at 41 and under, well you should be.

LEARN HOW TO STOP – Near the end of your 10 million fan stride, learn how to stop playing, yes, if your are on your 4th down after 3 failed attempts, just save and exit and never come back to that game ever again, you are trying to gain fans to push you to the last 200-300k that you need, so keep it smart.

LEARNING WHEN TO WIN! – You have outscored your very difficult opponent, you are taking the final drive it’s 7-3, you make it to the 5 yards line, you can have another 7 points and bring up your fans or you can risk getting picked off and having your opponent running it back for 6 points and the win, yeah, it’s happened, a few times, so just learn when to WIN.

I AM THE FLASH!, NO WAIT, NOOOO! – Yeah, don’t let go of the ball to quickly, because if it hits the back of your receiver before he even turns back to catch it, it will bump off and count as a fumble, you don’t think so? Well that’s how I lost a few of my All Madden games.

GRONKSTALAVISTA – Seriously though, GET DOMINATION GRONK, he will make those must need plays a bit easier, I would say a lot, but there’s no 100% guaranteed games in H2H

NO I IN TEAM – Use everything to your advantage and don’t be afraid to change your team, being a 49ers fan I had to switch it up a bit and change to the Cardinals, Why the cardinals, will I needed to team boost which doesn’t help too much but everything counts. But why the cardinals? Well, I seen that they had some of the most elite players on the defensive side that also included a captain Mathieu that gives the cardinals +2 in acceleration. Along with Captain Mathieu, there’s also signature Cromartie, Season Veteran Abraham, Veteran Campbell and the ridiculous hard to get ROLLE. On offense there is Signature Fitzgerald and the Free Agent Iupati, but Iupati is a run blocker so I don’t really know if he will fit with a pass block offense.

GET LUCKY AND UPGRADE – If you want this, you have to spend everything you make, no saving and no getting to spend your whole lotto coin op on the one player Ferrari you always wanted, that doesn’t even have the stats you need to get you through to the next or final tier of H2H.

LEVEL UP – Don’t give your opponents the win, they will be able to counter about you whole playlist depending on your level, while they run there favorite plays on you

There is probably more I could say that could help you out with your drive to ultimateness, that I am not thinking of, but hopefully others can help you over at the best forum in gaming





In just a few days some of the most elite players will be finally getting there hands on Domination OBJ, What does that mean? A bunch of elite players with high awareness/catch players trying to keep you from getting to Hall Of Fame. Yeah, it’s not really likely, but you don’t need that one troll to start keeping gamers from there dream player. So try to get him as quickly as you can, who knows maybe I’m just making a huge thing about it.







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Madden Mobile was gone for a bit getting ready for it’s Sophomore season, but it came back ready for school with fresh new digs and a whole new play style. But with the good, always comes the bad and the Ugly.

The Good

It’s back, With a new start screen, even lets you start over with a new nickname at the start of the boot.

Also depending on your Legacy rank last year, you get sent off to a scary new world with a few gifts that make it much more comfortable for you to adjust, that will not only drastically help you at the start, but keep you from having a squad of clunky players that can’t get the job done. The pack comes with 2 guaranteed Elites in package. Though be warned, these elites are not sell-able and stick with you until you decide to throw them away for 100 coins in the AH.

But before doing so and starting the game, you will want to look at your previous team, that has passed away to be forever known as your Legacy team, for one last time. Which you will be able to find in the Trophy room, but what makes it all that much greater, is that anyone can glance over what was once your baby that you worked so hard to achieve.

Greeting us with the new to do’s are 108 new achievements that are as accomplish as the ones before, but as you know, we are already on the hunt[53/108]. With the difficult beloved returning for another round of ground and pound vengeance, we have ourselves the Return A Kick and Return A Punt for a TD, but as always you have to do it 3 times, once for Season Mode,  then two more times for Head 2 Head and Leagues. But lets brush those aside since we have a year and we are Legends in the making.

Previously the Domination cards have been the beast of the pile, not able to be replaced with other cards, because the tier level and prowess it brought to your team was too much to be desired, so they hit us hard, with two achievable monsters right at the start. Only difference is that last year their was only one worth striving for and this year, well it just started and your team is set to be glowing with 99’s that impact and boost your team to a ridiculous level, then whats the point you ask. won’t everyone have a amazing team to begin with? well, the amount of energy these will take to get, that’s if you get the domination event at first try, you will still have to collect all 20 specific cards, since you are bound to get dupes, which as we all know it can take months to get the one you have been really wishing for, well make it all a struggle just as much as the last time. But this time around you won’t be held back by a limit, they replaced the twice a week event that you could only do once,with a higher energy count that gets taken from your stamina, so you are able to try as much as your will allows, right from the gecko. But in the end it would of all had been worth it for that +5 strength boost and 2% coins that you get from your new and hideously designed 99 Overall GRONK!

Mutheaders Gronk, here on EPG we are still working on ours.

I know, I know, I thought you said we would be getting two Domination players at start? Well we are, but this is a whole nother gem, this domination card is going to take a while, for this time around you will have all sorts of time consuming tasks just to get a piece of the puzzle. Example, 4 League Tournament wins gets you 12 Tournament cards which 10 can be used to get yourself one piece to 10 Tournament Domination set, Which a tournament takes 24 hours and then winning is a whole nother thing, especially if you have people missing their drives or busting out 0’s resulting in losses which will end up taking you 10 whole games to finish one set. If lucky enough 35 wins, get you the set of 10, but now you have to finish the other sets, One being getting over 1 million fans and being at the top of the Ranking in Head 2 Head lol, how ridiculous is that? But what is so amazing about this player, that you will have to beat yourself up just to draft onto your team? Well, The most amazing boosted player of all time, with his stats still unknown to us all, until one of us finally accomplishes this ludicrous task. 99 Overall +5 Catch and +5 Awareness, HOLY COW, give it up for Domination OBJ!

More, More, More!!!!! Well we gotcha, with 5 Road To The Ring Elites that are a breeze to get compared to the Domination cards, so easy that I am almost finished with each one of the sets. All will bring your teams average overall, although will get you quite a nice amount of coin, if you consider taking that route, but their always has to be the least desirable card, which is basically set by the developers and this time around it;s the TRTTR Marshawn Lynch who plays a lot worst then his base elite cards and averages lower too, but it’s a no brainer since this one will be the most populated one in game compared to the base Elite that you have to capture through packs. I guess this is a Road To The Ring Edition, I guess it fits that this version of the card is the CHOKE EDITION.

More new cards off the back are the Flashback sets, Game Changers, Veterans, Captains, Legends and the brand new League Elites, that you will be able to earn through special packs you get from League sets. The League set requires 10 cards to be acquired each time and the cards are achieved through wins or losses in Tournament mode, with wins giving you more League set cards for you precious pack. These new League Elites are going to be a lot more rare than the RTTR sets, but not close to the status of the OBJ Domination. Each Elite League card will have one Awareness stat boost, which gets applied to the whole team, Just imagine a whole team of these babies. It’s just the start of the season so seeing who gets added into the future quarters of the season makes me giddy inside.

Mystery Boxes!? Yes!, new mystery boxes have been released and have become capture-able through pack openings, each with a mysterious logo and date on them for when you will be able to open and claim your prize from it’s capsule! Capsule Toys! The recent ones to have been unlocked have been bummers such as trophy cards and coins, but with a little gloom comes a little boom, with one Elite 91 Overall Saint Jairus Byrd. With a few still to be unlocked and much more being released along the way, how exciting!

Although new cards are the most exciting part for some of us, we want that new in on gamplay, well for the first time ever, only limited to season mode, you can actually play and run as a receiver, though you are limited it’s a blast and a fun way to play, though you will just end up skipping over the feature if you just want to play your way through the season. Now I know there is a ton more features and gameplay aspects that have added to the game that I will not be talking about this article, like the new force close killer (force closing, the act of closing the game to avoid losing against another player, so you can retake your drive.)  or In Game challenges that randomly appear in a game, from season to h2h or even during your tournament, that you will have a chance to accomplish to get yourself a NFL Moments collectible. 10 collectible gets you a special NFL Moments pack with a few goodies inside, although their is no confirmation if their are special cards for this set as of yet.

Now the bad and the ugly, lets get straight to the point. Their are glitches and bugs all over this thing which breaks the game during events or even H2H, some bugs even work against you and has had opponents forcing your drive to a scoreless one and taking their next one right after, which as you can of course guess, gives them the W.

The passing also seems to be butchered, the majority of times you will have to mash the screen just so it can finally register and allow your QB to toss it off, but by then, depending who you play against, you’d be sacked. And in a game full of competitive drive, every single second counts, especially if you want to play elite teams with your brand new rookie squad, that you didn’t pay cash for.

Is that it? not really the Auction House is less then desirable when bidding against others, especially when you have one or it at least has seemed you have, since the auction house ends for you but keeps on going for others as they bid it out past the end time limit. Even losing players coins, that a few won’t ever get back, but hopefully with some luck they return into your bank within the next 24 hours or less.

These things can turn off a player and are major importance to be addressed by the devs and hopefully don’t go untreated like a lot of the issues from last season, this is the best mobile sports game out their, with an amazing community to go along with it, lets get the season started off right, lets just see this as the pre season butterflies. Now go off and get yourself set up right, for it’s almost GAME TIME.