Taco Bell is hosting a PAX West event, of course they are

Seriously why wouldn’t a staple of gaming and millenials not be hosting an event of some sort at the giant PAX West? I came across the event on Facebook and started chuckling to myself as I clicked on the image for the party.
Taco Bell The Arcade Pax West

Honestly it’s a great idea. So it works like this: It is free, you get a Steak Quesarito box for free, and you get to try out the Xbox One X Scorpion Tail burrito?

I made that last part up, but you do get to try the Xbox One X. If my body could handle Taco Bell and I didn’t have plans for Friday evening I may have called the number.

If anyone reading this ends up going at Pax West 2018 , please let us know on our twitter @epicpowergaming