Tablot’s Odyssey : Murly’s Lost And Found


Sometimes I wonder the Interverse in search of fun and exciting things, including indie games that have never came to be, so I dedicate this segment to those games. The warriors of the industry that have long been abandoned, but never forgotten, you might of fallen in battle my friends, but you will be avenged!


Now let’s dive into this box and see what we find today shall we! On today’s segment we take a look at this little lost gem. Tablot’s Odyssey is a witty and wonderfully hilarious story about a little minion named Tablot, who’s dreams and goals are no other than to please every one of his master’s wishes, but this time around Tablot is sent through the the dog house, roaming all over the Evil Lords Kingdom and Castle to find the ingredient’s to his food depraved king.

About midway through, Tablot is having second thoughts about his master, as he should be. Tablot makes his way through spikes, turrets and mini bosses and a plethora of terrible feats that are just waiting to prevent him from getting his master the warm soupy stew he deserves. Honestly who knew shopping for ingredients could be so nasty? Makes me want to appreciate grocery shoppin’ moms(and dad-moms and dad-dads too) even more.

During his adventures, Tablot comes across a vendor, who soon becomes his friend and protector, that sells him boxes and equipment that make reaching the finish line that much easier. Though if he was a real friend he would just give you the items…… but I guess he has to feed his baby ghost feeding addiction one way or the other, speaking of ghost feeding, ghost are found all around the maps, which are used as currency at the vendors.

During the game you lose yourself in the story and in love with Tablot and his silly lifestyle and life choices, but like always it has to all come to an end and come to the realization that no matter what, you have to be satisfied with what you have, for there isn’t anymore or well be anymore. The game never released or was finished, but ever since then, it has looked like the devs have triumphed even though Tablot had not.

The little indie team of friends behind the curious adventures of Tablot had gone to win 1st place in several awards around Brazil for their music, art and over all experience .

e-Games 2010, 1st place. Game Music Brasil, 1st place. SBGames 2011 Indie Game Festival, 1st place.

Even though, The Odyssey had ended for our little friend Tablot, it had only begun for the MiniBoss Studio team as they had gone to accomplish and bring into this world 20 other crazy little gems, such as Out There Somewhere, Down Goes The Pheonix and Chaos Heart.

You won’t regret giving these gems a play, especially Tablot’s Odyssey, hopefully the plans they had to bring back the project comes back into play, because the adventures of Tablot’s is one adventure we all would love to experience.

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