Steam to Limit New User Capabilities

Steam has added some updates to their limited user accounts. For the folks who use Steam as a primary method of gaming, you know the tribulations of being spammed with random friend/trade requests. Especially if you frequent TF2, Dota2, or Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

There are some basic features that will be unavailable to these accounts. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Being unable to send friend requests
  • Unable to trade items
  • Unable to use community marketplaces
  • Limited access to Steam Discussions




There are several ways to gain full user privileges, but they all boil down to needing to spend 5$ on Steam. Gifts that are given to you will not count toward this.


Hopefully this will curb some of the spammers and scammers that plague a lot of games on Steam.


I guess we will see!