Soft Genital Squeezing

Have you ever wanted to squeeze the loving tenders out of another persons genitals without having to pay the consequences? WELL, TODAY’S YOU’RE LUCKY DAY! because if you order right this second, now, time of type, moment of here, second of this. You too can get yourself one of these adorable stuffed genitals by Devolver Digital. And if the deal wasn’t already as throbbing as is, it also comes with kung fu action grip, so when squeezed it serenades you with a surprising sound effect! But don’t be alarmed fellas, you’re lady won’t be leaving you any time soon, because for precautionary reasons, they made it a measly 10 inches, yes, only 10 whole inches! So act quick, before the 10% percent discount goes away on January 18th and head yourself over to the Devolver Digital web store and score yourself one of these puppies for only $30, Which also includes a STEAM CODE FOR THE GAME!