Smash JT is Helping Small YouTubers grow their channels

Jeff Tarzia, creator of Smash JT has been donating his time to small YouTubers and offering honest critiques in the wake of the new Partnership requirements.

Growing a YouTube channel is hard work. You need people to see your content and you also need that content to be worth seeing. It’s a chicken and the egg scenario for the modern day; you’re motivated to create good content if people are watching, but people won’t watch if you’re not making good content.

I’ve been doing this for a year and while I’ve had a lot of encouragement from friends and family, I was missing that constructive criticism who knew what they were doing. Sure there are classes that are offered, but if you have a real live YouTuber who’s willing to offer quality advice, that’s the real life pro tip.

Jeff Tarzia is that person. His YouTube isn’t the biggest, but it’s growing. Having only 50 subscribers last year, Smash JT now has almost 3500. That’s a huge jump. Anybody looking to make money on YouTube wants to have the success that Jeff has. In an age of uncertainty on YouTube, Smash JT is headed in the right direction.


What is Smash JT doing to help small YouTubers?


Over the past week, Jeff has used Smash JT on YouTube live to speak to those who want honest feedback on their channel. Simply pop on one of his live streams (you’ll want to follow him on Twitter @SmashJT and Subscribe to his YouTube channel so you won’t miss it) And then participate in the chat. He’ll ask for a link to your channel and a brief description. Depending on how many people are participating, you’ll be selected shortly.

Once that happens, you’re in for some really good advice. Jeff reviewed my channel last week. Complimented my content and told me that I was missing some energy in the way that I spoke. I took his advice under consideration and made a brand new YouTube Trailer. It’s only been a week, but I’m excited that someone outside my inner circle of friends enjoys my content and wants to help me grow.


Smash JT offers advice on how to market your YouTube channel


While critiquing a channel is important, getting people to watch your stuff without spamming all your social media platforms is just as critical to growing a channel. Jeff has had some decent success with videos. His biggest video, “Did Nintendo Just Accidentally Announce the Switch Mini” netted 149 thousand views.

The biggest takeaway from Jeff’s jam session on marketing your YouTube channel is not to spend money on advertising. Jeff spent 1500 dollars to advertise Smash JT and it returned zero growth. While advertising is important in the long run, channels starting up should work on building a library of quality content that people will come back to after they discover you. No one wants to subscribe to a channel with 5 videos that aren’t your best work.

Smash JT will not carry your channel for you


If you think that Smash JT or any other YouTube channel is going to just magically give you subscribers, you’re wrong. The main theme of Jeff’s motivation for doing this is to give small channels the tools they need to succeed. If you don’t use those tools, your channel isn’t going to grow.

There’s also no guarantee that what Smash JT is doing will translate on your channel. There are countless channels out there with similar ideas, but some are wildly successful and some are barely scraping by with 10 subs of the past six months. Some channels really don’t have content that people want to watch.


Jeff Tarzia’s advice given on Smash JT is very helpful for small YouTube channels looking to grow their brand. Even if you’re not looking to make this a career, it’s very good advice to keep the hobby fun and keep you motivated to continue to make more content your audience wants to watch. And if you like his advice, consider donating to his channel. The advice is well worth anything you want to donate and also keeps him going to do this in the future.