The sickest Thanksgiving and Black Friday online deals

Let’s get serious for a moment. There are always the sickest deals right around Thanksgiving time / Black Friday, and this year there happens to be even more going on Thanksgiving day. Let’s take a dive into some madness.


Gaming Laptop with VR deals:

Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Laptop Intel Core i5 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti – 256GB SSD with HP VR headset $699 + tax at

Nintendo Switch deals:

The Switch is too in demand to find for less than the normal $300 asking price, but if you have Chase Pay or a Chase Freedom / Sapphire card you can get a Switch for $300 + 10% back. Also, it looks like you get 10% on everything at with you Chase Pay or Chase Freedom / Sapphire card. Nintendo Switch Chase Deal

Playstation 4 Pro deals:

Best Buy has the (Black) PS4 Pro for $349

BEST DEAL is Amazon (White) PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 for $349

Xbox One X deals (The new more powerful Xbox) xbox one x for $485 ($499 everywhere else)

Xbox One S deals:

Ebay Xbox One S 500gb for $170 with free shipping

Newegg XB1 S 500gb with 6 months of xbox live and 2 controllers for $205 using Master Pass checkout (which is just a paypal type account that is free to have)

Nintendo 2DS deals:

Nintendo 2DS Link Edition with Ocarina of Time $79 at gamestop

Gaming Monitor deals:

ASUS 144hz 24″ 1080p open-box like new $159 at Amazon