Should You Invest in Super Mario Cereal?

Super Mario Cereal is the latest hype train derailed by adequate stock and impatient collectors.

Super Mario Cereal was released in December of 2017. Mario’s face on a cereal box is nothing new. There are plenty of cereal boxes with Nintendo promotions on established post cereals like Honey Bunches of Oats, Honey Comb and Golden Crisp.
For the first time in almost thirty years, Nintendo has a branded cereal for fans to buy. But unlike the original Nintendo Cereal System, Mario Cereal had issues with distribution which caused Nintendo fans to speculate on how long the cereal was going to be available for. Speculation which caused boxes to be sold for $25 just before Christmas.

The allure behind Mario Cereal is a mystery. It’s a generic, Lucky Charms knock off with a hint of berry. One might think that the Amiibo included would be desirable, but it’s literally an NFC wafer glued to the inside of the box and only unlocks a handful of coins. At $2.50 retail, this box of cereal would be like any other cereal except that it’s called Super Mario Cereal.

Does Mario Cereal Taste Good?


Mario Cereal is well worth the $2.50 price tag. I have 3 boxes and while I don’t regularly eat cereal (I don’t drink milk) I was glad to have a bowl and it didn’t taste terrible. I’ll probably have a couple more bowls before my milk expires. The other two boxes will be converted into Super Mario Cereal treat bars (think Rice Crispy Treats, but with Super Mario Cereal instead)

It really isn’t worth anything more than that. Unless you really like berry flavored Lucky Charms.


What is the long term collectability of Super Mario Cereal?

If you’re thinking of investing part of your 401K into Super Mario Cereal, I have some news you’ll want to consider before going all in; It’s not going to be worth anything in the next 6 months much less 6 years.

There is a cereal collecting scene, but Super Mario Cereal is not going to fetch too much of an interest from Nintendo collectors. And if it is of interest, so many people will have collected this that I’ll be surprised if it barely keeps up with inflation.

Collecting in terms of making a profit is now akin to day trading. Gaming items especially those made by Nintendo are bought up quick and sold at an inflated price to impatient collectors. Speculation matched with poor communication from Nintendo fuels this valuation and leaves collectors with loose pockets padding the wallets of those opportunistic enough to peddle cereal.

What will the next big Nintendo Collector’s Item Be?


If I had to guess, I would place money on the Nintendo Entertainment System classic re-release. Nintendo has stated that they will be releasing more NES classics this year. It will probably come with two controllers this time. If distribution is like the SNES classic, stock will be sporadic and eventually find their ways on to shelves. Patience is a virtue lost on most collectors, but the conspiracy that Nintendo uses artificial scarcity tactics to sell product that people can’t buy is all but dead.