Shenmue 3 : The Fans Vs The Mad Angels : Round 3

This amazing community is back and not only have they been able to destroy the campaigns minimum fund in 2 days with 2 million, they have also brought Shenmue 3 into the scene as the #1 most anticipated game ever!

Check out the current love and events we come through during the march of our Shenmue 3 crusade. Also make sure to wish yu Suzuki a late Happy Birthday, thanks for being part of the amazing Shenmue community, much love.

And if you can, make sure to let at Gage Epicpower know what a great job he has been doing with the site, Shenmue style.


#1 most anticipated game, in under 24 hours, brought to the top by the fans

Rumors of Sega already having the HD versions of Shenme 1 & 2 done.

Rumors of Sega already having the HD versions of Shenmue 1 & 2 done.


Happy Birthday Yu Suzuki!!!!!!

Breaking records

Breaking records

What Shenmue 3 will be with $5 million

Art by SabaRD32

Art by SabaRD32

Amazing comic by  SebasRD32

Amazing comic by SebasRD32


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Amazing dude

Amazing dude