Rare Replay for xbox one is only $20 ! BATTLETOADS

The game that made us super excite bike about is now on sale, for $20! It is Rare Replay. There are a lot of gems on this disc to play (30 freaking radical games!), including Conker’s and BattleToads.

Pesonally I am a huge fan of:

  • RC Pro Am,
  • Cobra Triangle (a game my shitty cousin borrowed from me and sold to some other shithead kid),
  • Blast Corps (I almost 100% it for N64),
  • Killer Instinct (I had the red cartridge for SNES!)
  • Perfect Dark (Multiplayer with bots on the hardest mode and laptop guns, just try securing 1 area with your friends!)
  • Viva Pinata (Game I was gushing about when I first started working at EA)
  • The original Conkers Bad Fur Day (The multiplayer Squirrels vs Teddies is amazing)
  • and the 4 player NES game RC Pro Am 2

LOOK AT THIS VIDEO! Cobra Triangle is so BAD AND RAD! You are a boat, that shoots other boats, out running sharks, and when you end the level a helicopter blade comes out of the boat to carry you to a new level! It is everything I wanted to be when I became older, but have yet to do it because I am a loser like this guy.

Who am I kidding, that water dragon from Cobra Triangle is AWESOME!


Seriously, this game will make me eventually buy and xbox one. XBONE
There are 30 games, and the possibility of more to come! If you are a gamer score hoarder, this thing offers 10,000 GAMER POINTS!