PIXELS movie could be the next Ghostbusters

Really I felt this way. I had no clue this movie was being made and just had a couple friends share the official Nintendo Facebook video on their timelines.

When the trailer first started playing I thought it was a cool fan made fake movie trailer. The premise is aliens found one of the Voyager spacecrafts that has left our solar system. They looked at the golden disc and discovered video games that we had back in 1982 when the spacecrafts left Earth.

The aliens then sent real video game characters to Earth, but they are not friendly and begin reigning terror everywhere. A cast of Ghostbuster-esque heroes led by Adam Sandler seems to be tasked with eradicating the alien video game characters.

Near the end of the trailer we are graced with Toru Iwatani, designer of Pac-Man, which caused me to geek out a little bit and made me realize this is going to be pretty enjoyable. I then started thinking about “why Adam Sandler?” and I remembered his lines from Happy Gilmore regarding the Donkey Kong machine calling his name and from Billy Madison as he defended Donkey Kong from some grade schoolers.  *if you are on  a desktop here is a ytmnd*

This will probably be a fun film and as a dude in my 30’s I can’t help but have nostalgic feelings for these video games and Adam Sandler.

Heck, the tumblr for the film is even pretty cool.

Question is, will you see it?