New Releases are affecting Retro Prices (REVISITED)

New releases affecting retro prices

We revisit an article written last year to see how much new releases affect their collectible counterparts

One year ago I wrote an article detailing how newly announced games are affecting the previous titles in the franchise. Shenmue saw a 300% increase almost overnight, Conker’s Bad Fur Day had seen a slight jump and Final Fantasy 7 held steady. So did these new releases have a lasting impact on prices? Or did the prices drop as soon as another story pushed these announcements to the bottom?


Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter was incredibly successful and pulled in a whopping 6.5 million dollars and the slacker backer campaign is still going on. But what about the first title in the series for Dreamcast? Are copies still going for a hundred dollars? Nope – not even close. Copies are down to 36 dollars for a complete copy. If you try hard enough you can find a copy for even less. The spike did seem to permanently increase the price by about 6 dollars from before Shenmue 3 was announced.

Shenmue price charting

Shenmue Pricing for the Dreamcast. You can see the spike during e3 2015 and now back down. Taken from

Final Fantasy 7:

Final Fantasy 7 dropped in price as well, but looking at the six month average for the title, it looks like prices have been in the decline for a while with a slight bump when the remake was announced in June of 2015. Prices for a complete copy are actually pretty level with prices for complete copies never getting higher than 30 dollars.

Final Fantasy 7 Price Charting

Final Fantasy 7 is probably never going to be affected.
Taken from

Conker’s Bad Fur Day:

Conker’s Bad Fur Day seems to be the only title in this article that enjoys a steady price as a loose copy even though 1 month after Rare Replay was released, loose copies were available for 8 dollars lower than August of 2015. The prices seem to go up and down, but are higher overall for this year. It doesn’t seem that Rare Replay had any affect on Conker’s pricing and it seems that it’s a beast of its own. Another theory is that not a lot of collectors own Xbox One to affect the pricing.


Conker's Bad Fur Day Price Charting

Conker’s Bad Fur Day continues to climb year over year with dips at sporadic times
Image from


Chibi Robo is a game that I didn’t cover in the previous article, but it’s worth mentioning here. This is a game by Nintendo that flew under the radar of most gamers until the new 3ds Chibi Robo adventure was announced during E3. Prices shot up from 36 to 70 dollars almost overnight and have not yet gone down to pre-E3 levels. Prices did drop a little, but it’s safe to say that the days of this game being a hidden gem are long over. Prices are on the decline but they’ll probably pick up again before Christmas. The 3DS Chibi Robo recieved a poor reception among the non-collecting community and was soon reduced to clearance level prices six months after its release.

Chibi Robo Price Charting

Chibi Robo for the Gamecube has spiked even though the 3DS version is bargain bin material.
Image from

Bayonetta 2:

Bayonetta 2 is the sequel to the breakout hit Bayonetta for the 360 and PS3. The sequel is exclusive to Wii U and has been fairly inexpensive up until Bayonetta was announced as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers. After that, copies of the game with the first game included were snatched up and sold at a huge margin. This lasted until February of 2016 when Nintendo released a copy of Bayonetta 2 without Bayonetta 1 for 30 dollars. Prices dropped, but again, still remain above pre-Smash Bayonetta levels.

Bayonetta 2 Price Charting

Bayonetta 2 also showed a sharp spike after Bayonetta was announced in Super Smash.
Image from Pricecharting,com


New titles do affect the prices of their older counterparts. The spikes last about a month and then come back down, but still higher than the pre-spike. Those looking to take advantage of the game collector market should probably pick up older titles the day of a new release announcement or simply sell within the next couple of days. Hording titles thinking that the prices can only go up would be unwise, especially after the spike has already started.