Major League Backing

Who needs Kickstarter when you have the MLB?

When it comes to sports games none have done it better than EA. From Madden to Fifa, The Skate series, you name it, they’ve done it and succeeded. Even last year when they released their 2K Basketball competitor, NBA Live. It still managed to somehow stand its ground  against 2K’s new open world feature that they curved out onto the playing field.

But for some reason, none of these companies, other than Sony themselves have managed to make a Baseball game worthy of playing. Is it due to baseball being the least popular sport out of the franchises they already work on? If so, It’s understandable to pass up the opportunity to sink your hands into the League, due to the gaming industry already being as fragile as it is.

We lose game studios daily to funding alone, since money is always the main issue and when games fail to sell, unlike movie studios, game companies straight up die. it’s never the talent that makes a game company go under, which is a good thing, but when it isn’t money, it’s corporate greed claiming the rights to a whole Sports League and monopolizing a genre. Gamers where at uproar and couldn’t believe it was possible to pull such a move off, until EA did it over a decade ago, but did it ever cross their minds after that day, that we could see another corporate take over in this day of age ever again? and to an even more popular genre?

Surely it most likely won’t happen, once was rare enough, but after today’s headline “MLB The First Franchise to start up a game developing company.” would it leave you scratching your head wondering? What if? Can MLB The Show’s future be in jeopardy? And any other future baseball franchise? Or could this be the Fastball that the sports genre has been looking for?

The MLB has the power to due what ever it likes, they are the League, no need for permission to do this and that, they don’t have to ask higher ups and wait months for a response just to be denied the ability to add a tiny feature or legend player. They won’t have to depend on a AAA game companies limited salary that spreads out to all their other franchises, franchises that companies have to continue making to make money and stay afloat. The MLB is already afloat and can’t go under, they don’t make their money off of video games and that’s where they will shine. That’s why as of today the possibilities for the RBI Baseball franchise seem to be endless, especially since they have the great bambinos (money) to only focus on one franchise for eternity.

Improved Graphics, physics, you name it, they can do what every AAA company wants to do, but can’t because of financial support. If the MLB flexes enough, they can make a sports game, that is decades better than any sports franchise could ever dream of being, while not having to worry about competitors playing or looking better in this millennium. Hell, maybe other Leagues will follow suit? Or maybe, the MLB, with enough support, will push gaming into the future and stray away from baseball games being their one and only and become the biggest thing the gaming industry has ever seen?


This may be the greatest play that any Company outside of gaming has ever made, when it comes to gaming. And I’m so freaking excited. So I’ll be making sure to show my support when RBI18 drops on home consoles this March.

What will you be looking forward to seeing the MLB bring to the baseball/sports genre? Open world? Caribbean league? Clothing? Film stadium and characters? After the game Interviews? they have access to all of these mediums, since they themselves give the okay on the appearances and uses. But for me, right now, I’m just looking forward to the day I will be able to say goodbye to all these paper cut out fans in the stadiums.