Mad Max Multiple Choice Trailer

Good morning Power Heads, let us wake up to some blood, tears and mayhem with this new Multiple choice trailer from Warner Bros. Games for the new Mad Max video game. Right from the back, you can see that you get a partner in crime to make the whole experience that much more interesting and entertaining, because as we know, Mad Max can never do it all and especially on his own. Through out watching the trailer you will be led through several oaths that the gamer will be able to take, while on his missions, but not to be misled, you will not be choosing your destination, you are free to do what ever comes to mind in the vast wastelands of Mad Max The Video Game.

Cracks on your monitor screen, gas tanks destroying vehicles, harpooning to your next target to get advantage on your foes, these are all things we get to experience as we ride into the storm we call Mad Max The Video game this upcoming September, so get ready to lose your mind, as the month is half way dead with just a few more shots before it’s downfall. See you in the wastelands, my friends. Now pre order your copy if that’s your thing, to get the exclusive Ripper-mobile for your bandit killing and car slaughtering needs.