A Look into the Innards of SNES / Super Famicon Era Nintendo

a rare look inside of nintendo during snes super nintendo super famicon era

Getting a glimpse into the space that some of my favorite childhood feeling and memories came from as an adult is absolutely mesmerizing. Nintendo during the Super Nintendo period took place while I was a young teenager. It was when I was developing into a person and began to understand consequences with outcomes. The perfect age to begin realizing my game design passions.

During that time I used to think fondly of Nintendo in the essence of Gene Wildler’s Chocolate Factory. Full of passionate people getting around the office by riding Yoshis and Mario Karts. There were secret rooms where meetings were held with all the Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper you could drink where people played games and talked about how to make them more fun. It is still really cool in mind and I can guarantee it would be awesome in real life!

This video that got shared on twitter today gives us a rare look into the innards of Nintendo. It even includes shots of Mr. Miyamoto’s work cubical.

Take a look, but don’t let the singularity of the office and employee interviews distract you from the wonders of my mind’s hope for the Nintendo office experience 😀

BTW! I have that Mario doll complete with the tag! It is a cheerished item of mine that I bought for $20 at Anime Central in Chicago in 2006.