Jerick Mckinnon : Madden Mobile MVP Beasts

When it comes to Madden Mobile, the beginning of the season is the best time to experiment with players that will go in your bin for a quick buck in a few months time, this is where they are finally allowed to get their shine on, for example on our very 1st ever Madden Mobile MVP Beasts, we award the one and only Jerick Mckinnon the award of Amazing Superstar Champ. He might be only a gold carded player, but at HB he makes even the most Elite of Elites looks like squares on the playing field. I’m looking at you Marshawn Lynch and about every red card in the AH(auction house) currently.

He’s a monster with speed and and acceleration,  yeah sure there’s one or two players who are at his level, one of them being Dri Archer who is only a silver with 96 speed, 95 acceleration, which triumphs over Mckinnon’s 2 most important stats, yet, he still doesn’t take the cake and make it to the squad in my book. Dri Archer is a player you want if you are going toe to toe with teams that are stacked with silver and gold, but in a fight against tanks and Elites, you don’t want to take him with you into battle. Because the last thing you want is to fumble and get thrashed on the most important drive in the game and in a game where the most simple task can go array, that’s a no, no.

Basically what I am saying is that Archer is a children’s toy compared to the great Mckinnon, who brings greatness all around with amazing stats coming from all sides of the table. instead of ranking at the top in the 2 most important stats of his position. He comes through as an all around player, since, what’s being ranked at the top in 2 attributes, when you are going to throw it all away with every other skill on your player chart. That’s why Mckinnon shines, his 94 speed is enough to break through and get the down whether it be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th and the majority of the time he can even take you all the way to the finish line on the first drive of the game. His acceleration stands at 93, to boost you away from harms reach, which is also on point and neck to neck with the fastest of defenders. But where he shines is at his 93 carry, and 75 strength which keeps him from fumbling all over the place, yet, where he destroys the most is at his 97 agility! The most important stat to make you the champ HB and the only one to need, especially when you already have the speed and acceleration under your belt.

93 carry and 75 strength! combined with 97 agility! but what does that mean? Well besides having sticky fingers and a good grip on the ball, the 97 agility makes those stats mean something, it puts the beast in beast mode, 97 agility! which basically comes through in the field as 97 trucking! which is the ability to go one on one with defenders and smack right into them without getting tackled to the ground,  giving you a chance at more yardage or wait for it, a 94 yard touch down. Because when things go wrong, every other stat on a card can make everything go right, for example, in the picture above, you will see a Kickoff that wasn’t cought, yes, the ball if captured by the defending team would just set the ball for my team to start their, we wouldn’t lose it or anything, but starting at the 5 yard line is not 6 whole POINTS, which Mckinnon scored for me by sweeping the ball off the ground and running it back as he broke through big men with big hearts. If his stats aren’t special enough, lets just add 93 JKM, which stands for 93 Juke Move, yes! you heard it people! another form of breaking through the defenders!

But wait! Theirs more, yes, as you can see their are players that have boost and some are even exclusive to certain teams and in this case Kyle Rudolph the TE above gives +2 acceleration to the Vikings, which yes, you guessed it, Mckinnon is in the same team as. Which brings Mckinnons acceleration to 95, but wait, what if we add some boosts to his agility? Lets damage that line and burst you through to the finish line and add Linebacker Brian Orakpo who gives you plus one agility and then DE Mathais Kiwanuka who adds +1 acceleration, then, yes and then, Jason Kelce who adds 2 acceleration, but takes away one strength. Boy oh boy how you have a monster on your hands, but with a monstrous HB you want a just as fast QB, who acts like a HB himself and that’s when Michael Vick comes into the picture and also adds a boost of one more agility, to add onto Mckinnons stats. So you basically see where I am getting at. There are more players that can be added and a lot more boosts too, so this is not the best we can do, at the end with these few selected players we have Mckinnon at 98 acceleration and 99 agility, wooooo! Everyone give this little gold card a standing ovation, He’s the cream of the crop, a beast among chumps, All hail JERICK MCKINNON.

One more thing, yes one more thing, all those boosts, excluding Kyle Rudolph also go towards every other player on your team, so Huraaaaah! Quadruple Huraaaaah! if you are a Vikings fan with a Vikings team, which then Rudolph boosts all your players, if they are Vikings themselves.