Greatest Hits Games are the WORST

Greatest Hits are the worst

Did you know that when a game is super popular, eventually it gets a reprint and is usually sold at a lower price? There’s Greatest Hits from Sony, Player’s Choice from Nintendo and Platinum Hits from Microsoft.

Generally, these games are a way for newcomers to get into a system at a fraction of what it costs for early adopters. Most of the games are quality titles that are a steal for 20 bucks.

But I hate them. And not because people can now get games cheaper than what I originally paid for them. As a collector I dislike the packaging that these titles come in because they’re vastly different from the first prints. While that might seem like a petty thing, greatest hits also increase the overall price of the first print because they are more desirable for collectors.

Also greatest hits titles don’t come with all the original goodies of first prints like instruction manuals and artwork. Final Fantasy games on the PlayStation are the best example of this. The games themselves play the same, but the overall quality between the black label and green label prints are noticeably different. I think the only exception would be the Gamecube Player’s choice titles. I have a Super Monkey Ball 2 Player’s choice and first print version and they’re both the same except for a big yellow Player’s Choice on the box.

It really stinks that I come across titles of games that I don’t already have in my collection and they turn out to be the greatest hits. I love video games and it’s nice to get to play something that I haven’t already, but I’ll gladly purchase the first print and sell my greatest hits to recoup some of my costs.

Some people will collect both prints of games that come out thinking that it matters to the overall collection. It doesn’t. One version of the game on one platform is good enough for me. I don’t see the point in collecting all of the different prints unless there’s a significant difference in content. Keep in mind that the Game of the Year editions are usually excluded from my gripe because usually that includes all of the DLC and addons for a fairly decent price.

The only thing that I like about Greatest Hits is that I know when they’re coming and I go into Gamestop or Target and scoop up the first run and then get the price reduction when the official price drop occurs. I was able to get Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, NES Remix Pack, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for super cheap because of greatest hits. My collection grows frugally nowadays and I’ll take any deal that I can get. Even if it means more ugly greatest hits on store shelves.