Friday Afternoon Ghost Stories Episode 8: Back to Da Forest


This week I delve back into The Forest! As I’ve said before, the developers update this game pretty frequently, with everything from graphical updates and better sounds, to better mechanics and adding tons of items. There was actually a pretty nice update since the last time I posted about The Forest, so I had to restart my save (any item affected by a patch gets deleted if you play old saves). Also, the new site layout makes pictures easier to see without having to expand them. Without further adieu, join me on my adventure this morning!


So of course I wake up hungry and bloody (just a normal Friday morning, though).


You’re gonna notice the lighting in the first few screenshots changes a lot. They added the ability to change the filter for colors. Kinda like Instagram but from vidja games. They add a lot to the game. You can change it to “BlockbusterWarm” and it gives a sort of Fallout-y feel to it. I stuck with “Epic”.


Anytime I find some of these luggages cases, I gotta crack em open. They got all sorts of goodies. Alcohol for molotovs, tennis balls, medicine. You name it!


Managed to slay me a deer. I’llĀ use his pelts for fashion accessories. Maybe seduce a cannibal?


I decided this time I want to explore a bit before settling down. Its a big island with caves, peninsulas, lakes and ponds. But I do know that if I see one of these things, I want to fuck off quick.


I found this bro just chilling out. The recent update makes you able to carry bodies around, plus gives you the ability to dismember them. Previously, you would hit them and they would explode into bits.


Cost this guy an arm and a leg and an arm and a leg to hang out with me. He lost his head when he found out!


Now this is something I’ve never seen. I’ve played The Forest for around 15 hours, but I don’t like the caves. Theyre spooky and filled with spooky stuff.


I wanted to be a brave little toaster, so I began a decent into the abyss.


It started getting dark and I could hear some weird noises…


And I immediately saw something I aint never saw before.


No idea what that is, but I didnt stick around to find out. I skedaddle right back up.


I could see that the cave went on for a ways, but I would have to come back later to find out.


After browsing the beach some more, I happened across some tents. I searched them, but didn’t find anything. Maybe other survivors?


Off in the distance I see a boat!


Oh man maybe there’s something good on it… wait, what are those little triangle things sticking out of the water?


OH JESUS. He barely missed me!

I found a new axe, some skulls, flares, and a magazine!


I had to make a temporary shelter for the night. I know my screenshots don’t do it justice, but this game does look very beautiful at night. The early mornings especially.




i started getting hungry and had to cook a quick lizard snack em


They added in this nifty thing called a log sled. You can put logs in it and push them around. Saves a ton of time. You can usually only carry two at a time, and this thing can carry 7. You can see a few baddies off in the distance here. Theres no way I could fight that many so I had to wait for them to leave.


I ended up building a treehouse. It was tough to get a good screenshot out of it because as soon as I finished, a horde of cannibals ran at me.


It’s hard to tell, but theres a few of them out there. I left one of their dead friends’ bodies outside and they must have wanted to eat him.

Unfortunately thats where todays adventure ends. I couldn’t leave the treehouse without getting killed, and it takes them quite a while to finish eating and go home. Hopefully when I reload the save later on, they’re gone!