Friday Afternoon Ghost Stories. Episode 2. Deja Boo!

In keeping with last weeks story, I continued to play Alan Wake. This chapter got a bit more interesting and had a few more new characters introduced (as well as some old favorites). So lets begin shall we?

   Alright so when we last left our hero, he had just found a gas station in the woods and passed out suddenly. I suppose while he was out, he has a flashback of another time his wife cried about being in the dark.

“I am one sexy motherfucker”


An exciting assortment of Alans work, I guess. Those are some pretty uncreative titles.

Anyways, its raining cats and dogs, the power goes out, and Alice flips out. Its up to us to save her. Well once we discover that the lights are fucked, we light a few scented candles to lighten the mood and maybe grab some afternoon delight.


Ay gurl wait till you see my dick. Just wait. Im gonna beat that pussy up.


Unfortunately once you whip it out, shes not impressed.



The night fades to black and we awake once more in Bright Falls. Its daytime now and the Doc is making sure were all right. Once we receive a clean bill of health, we dip out of this rat joint sheriffs office.

Always concerned for our safety. God bless your little heart.

As were leaving though, we receive a phone call from a kidnapper! They have your wife! They want us to meet them at Lovers Leap at midnight. Before Alan can even process this information, an old buddy shows up out of nowhere.

Turtle from Entourage!


You tell him everything, and, surprise, he doesnt believe you! So we head up to rent a cabin near the drop off point. We look everywhere for the park ranger but cant find him. Finally we find him out on the back porch.


“Its not what it looks like! Unless it looks like I was molesting this golden retriever”


Being a zoophile himself, Alan decides to just get his room key and go. He and Turtle head up to the cabin to kick back for a little while. Once midnight is close to rolling around, Alan says peace out and goes to get his bitch.

Not too far into his trip though, something goes wrong. Noises are heard, and ghosts are made. We get closer to the ranger station but something isnt right.

Oh no poor Ranger Rusty!

At least the dog is finally safe.

But suddenly!



   Alan defeats Ranger Rustys ghost and sprints off towards Lover Leap!

We fight some ghosts, see some dark, some light, you know, pretty standard woodsy kinda stuff. Eventually I even found a super secret cave that someone hid some batteries in.

Fuckin’ Duracell.


This was actually legitimately spooky.

Eventually we run into the kidnapper, but we must team up with him to beat the ghosts. He teaches us the Flare ability which helps immensely to make ghosts cry big time.

Hes actually a nice guy, besides the wife taking thing.

Eventually he gets away. Darn! But fortunately we jack his ride and we start making our way back to the cabin.


We get back to the house just in time to save Turtle from ghost birds. He thanks us and then shows us some footage of a trailer park. Thanks Turtle!



Make sure you stay A. Wake until next week!

  • Is this game really about ghosts? I haven’t played it yet since I am only finally getting around to the best games of 2008 right now.

  • Im not sure if you would really consider them “ghosts” per se. Theyre usually random townsfolk who are called “Taken” (by shadows I think). The night time and day time are like two different universes in game. They are very ghost like though.