Friday Afternoon Ghost Stories 9: Cave Explorer! (The Forest)

I know it’s been a few months, but I decided to bring another ghost story to you today. If you’ve never read this column before, basically, I play some type of horror game, and I document my session. I tell you the story using pictures! If you are interested in the last 8 episodes, click the link in the header bar.



Now, I know I have played The Forest in probably 4 or 5 of my previous adventures. But that’s because it’s so darn fun. With every new update, an entire world of changes are added. Maybe I need to find some new horror games? Leave a comment with any suggestions you’ve got!


Also a disclaimer, due to the layout of our site, the pictures usually get scaled down a bit, so you have to click them for full detail. I’m working on figuring out a way to bring nice quality full size pics. But for now, this should work!


There's been a lot of graphical updates since I first played. The airplane cabin looks pristine!

There’s been a lot of graphical updates since I first played. The airplane cabin looks pristine!

I’m on a plane guys. This is where it all begins. I’m just here trying to watching The Animal with Rob Schneider, but this kid keeps leaning on me.


Seriously kid. Show me the paternity test. Get outta here.


We hit some major turbulence! I’m covered in blood, but I still make it a priority to pick up some meds from the first aid kit.


Maaaan. Look how pretty it is out here. Nice shade from the trees. Nice grass density. Basically this is RL.


I romp around for a bit and come across a cliff. I see a boat in the distance. Maybe it’s possible it works and I can leave this place!


I start working my way out in the water. I’m a good swimmer. No problem.



Well, fuck. Theres skulls all over this thing and its under water. But it had a nice new axe on it. Rad.


Uhhhh, I need to get outta here. Sharks everywhere!


A nice little beach. I considered trying to build a base here, but there were dead sharks all over the place. No one wants to live near dying animals. Bad juju.


Told you. Dead stuff everywhere. This guy got chopped up and turned into a new necklace.


Back into the woods. I’m gonna find a sick spot to camp. You can see how cluttered the floor is with grass plants and other stuff.


Had to take a sidestop to admire the reflections. Noice.


(The lightning flashed when I took the picture) I think I’ve decided to camp out under this cliff. Only leaves one side open to attack.


They’ve added in a new experimental walls (and roofs and floors) section. You can now create custom buildings. So that’s what I did!


It got dark pretty soon after, which is sort of a bummer, because without this picture fullscreened, you can’t appreciate the nice little sunset I worked with.


I busted out my flashlight for a minute because I was trying to find sticks rocks and logs to build with. This game is pretty dark at night until the moon rises. I almost couldn’t find my way home.


I managed to finish the walls here. Still need a roof though. There are plenty of logs in the forest though.


Erecting that shit. Time for logs.


Trust me. This isn’t a pitch black screen. I peeked out my door and I saw a guy standing there. A cannibal! It was pouring rain and he was chilling at my front door. I tried to fight him, but I couldn’t handle him :(.



I swear this isn’t a blank one either. Now if you lose a fight, you get dragged off to the caves. I couldn’t fight back so I was just along for the ride.

2015-05-29_00027I found a dead climber. He had some nice pictures with him and also a map. But the map was drawn by a 5 year old so basically worthless.


This part of the game is like The Descent. It’s dark, theres cave noises, and I am pooping my pants.


I keep finding these ropes I can climb down. I figure I’m pretty lost, so it couldn’t hurt to keep looking. There might be treasure!.

2015-05-29_00030Yep. Gotta be headed toward treasure. A skull with candles in its eyes. I’ve seen a lot of TV and this is a good sign.

2015-05-29_00031The flashlight worked a bit better so I started using it. I threw a flare down the hole to see if I could find any loot or enemies.


More skulls. Spooky shadow!


I miss the forest :(. This is where my skin crawled and I started freaking out. First contact. I don’t know what it is. Looks like an octopus thing. There are little baby things crawling around it’s feet.

2015-05-29_00036So obviously I threw a molotov at it! I noticed when the fires landed that there is a rope right next to him leading out. Maybe I can reach it if I’m quick…


Made it! I’m climbing up right now so I can’t use my light. But you can see the monster on fire.


I kept climbing and made it to the surface with the rest of the forest. At this point I’ve spent like an hour in these caves so I’m pretty rattled. Maybe next time I can venture further.