Friday Afternoon Ghost Stories 7: The Deep Dark Forest


The Forest was one of the few games I was pretty hyped for last year. I even sold a Vintage Timebreaker on Dota 2 to pay for this game. If you haven’t heard of it, I don’t blame you. Developed by Endnight Games, The Forest is one of, if not THE, best open world survival horror game out on the market right now. Think of Lost (the tv show) where there is only one survivor, and the Others are cannibalistic savages intent on eatin’ your brains. Although currently still in early access alpha, The Forest feels like a pretty fleshed out game, with a fairly complex crafting and building system, and very smart AI.

Without further adieu, I will detail the chronicles of my adventure into The Forest this morning.


The game begins with you on an airplane somewhere up in the sky. Most of the folks on board are sleeping, I guess the main character just isn’t tired.


If you look around, you’ll notice a small boy clutching your arm. Your son maybe? No idea as of yet. I’m going to call him Bobby.


We’ve hit some turbulence! Maybe a little bit more than that considering the front half of the plane has completely torn off. We’re going down and theres not much we can do to stop it. Before we hit the ground, you black out…


…you wake up to see this scary mofo holding Bobby. Before you can reach out to stop him, he runs off into the woods!


Covered in blood, tired, and hungry, we search the plane for some food, alcohol, snacks, and an axe.


As we jump out of the fuselage, we get our first good look at our surroundings. A lush forest full of wildlife, large trees, and beautiful lakes.


Unfortunately it looks like someone is already living here… there are effigies with human remains all over the place. Nooses hang from the huts, and human teeth can be found scattered over the forest floor.


I know that I must make camp quickly, or risk being attacked in the night. I find a nice little cove in between two cliff walls. This will be Alpha base.


I begin chopping down trees to build some fortifications. In The Forest, you actually have to swing at the tree to chop it. No animations doing the work for you. The axe has to hit at the right spot. You also have to move around the tree a bit as you chop it. This makes it spooky sometimes, knowing you have to turn your back on the dark woods…


I build a nice little shelter and admire my work. I make sure to save my progress, too.


You might have to expand this picture to see them, but there are two cannibals hunched over in the distance. First contact…


The layout of my walls.


Another tough picture to see. A beautiful night with the moon rising in the distance.


I get a nice fire going, and throw some rabbit on it to eat.


“Oh HELL no. You know you aren’t coming up into MY territory this morning.”


I proceed to ventilate this guys body with blows from my axe. Combat in this game isn’t too tough if you have decent timing. You will almost always win a 1v1. Now, the issue comes from the fact that typically, they hunt in numbers. Every now and then, though, they send out scouts by themselves. Supposedly, the AI in this game does a lot behind the scenes. They will report back (if they live) and let them know how you acted. Were you scared and backed off or ran? Did you stand your ground and try to attack? I’m not sure how smart it is right now, but it sounds pretty promising.


I built a log sled to make it easier to carry them back to Alpha base. You can only carry 2 logs at a time, but this puppy can carry another 7. Makes building quicker and less painful.

Anyways, that’s all I managed to accomplish in almost an hour of playing. The Forest doesn’t really hold your hand too much. They throw you in the woods and you get to fend for yourself. There are a LOT of awesome things you can build, but I didn’t have to time for that today. I will try to continue where I left off in the next episode, but since the game is in alpha, save progress gets reset with each new update.

Tune in next week!