Fallout Shelter On Android Phones


People rushed out and made Fallout Shelter the #1 ios game on apple phones, though the goal was great and it was an achievement to be proud of, not many of the bliss filled fans have been happy during these times. As Android users had felt they’ve been abandoned, with no clue of a release date for Fallout Shelter other than a couple months from now, which was a huge kick to the sides, The wait for Fallout 4 was long enough, the last things the fans needed was another┬álong wait, especially for an phone app.

yturtyre But I’m not here to be a debby downer, I’m here to tell you that Fallout Shelter will be out sooner then you had thought, although you should of known by now when it was coming, it was announced at E3. Either way Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, get hyped!

How many babies do you plan on popping out in a single Fallout Shelter gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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