Dormeo Espo Octaspring Review


The Dormeo Espo Octaspring Manager Chair is a great inexpensive alternative to the higher end gaming chairs.


I like to sit. I sit for the majority of the day at my job and then I sit while driving then come home and sit some more. My chair at work is made for ergonomics and is comfortable for the 7ish hours that I’m hacking away at my computer. The best thing is that I didn’t have to pay for it so I can’t really complain about the quality. When it comes to chairs in my personal office, I’ve been pretty skimpy since for whatever reason I didn’t want to invest money in something I was going to be sitting in for a third of my day.

Well that changed when I turned 30. Stuff starts to fall apart and my back actually needs support. Up to this point, I have never spent more than a hundred dollars on a chair. My most recent chair was a kneeling chair that my wife gave me for Christmas. That worked well for about 2 years before the foam got so compressed that I was essentially kneeling on metal. Not very good for the back. Since I have been upgrading my PC, I decided that I would ask for a desk chair for my birthday. My wife and I agreed that a budget of $200 would be appropriate since we’re still in a position where we can’t be throwing around our money too willy nilly. This meant that those DX Racer chairs were out of the question.

I have been researching chairs for the past two months trying to find a decent chair for under $200. It’s difficult to base your decision on online reviews because everyone is different and has different needs. To be honest most of the reviews are whether or not a chair is “comfortable” which is really objective. What really is comfortable? Finally, I decided to check out Staples since they have a decent selection of office furniture that ranges from cheap to relatively fancy. For someone on a budget, they’re a great place to start.

After about an hour, I decided on the Dormeo Espo Octaspring Manager Chair. The chair has real leather and is pretty comfortable on first sit. What stood out most of all is the chair’s “Octaspring.” What is Octaspring? Well it’s a series of foam springs that have the design of a traditoanl spring, but those springs are made out of memory foam. This offers a breathable seat that makes it suitable for 8-10 hours of sitting each day. For reference, most chairs offer 3-4 hours of continuous sitting. While I don’t plan on sitting for 8-10 hours straight, it’s a selling point to me that means the comfort of the chair will stay comfortable for a considerable length of time. Since the company also uses the same technology in their mattresses, I decided that I could take the gamble.

We also sprung for the 3 year ultra-warranty on this thing just in case any tearing, staining, or other defects not covered under the manufacturer warranty should occur. The chair came in just under budget at $199

Setting up the Dormeo Espo Octaspring

Like most office chairs, the Dormeo Espo Octaspring chair comes in a large box that you have to spend putting together once you get it home. Setting up the Dormeo Espo was surprisingly easy; 8 steps and the only tool required was the include Allen wrench. Each set of screws were separated by step instead of by letter or shape which made finding the right screws a breeze. Assembly of the chair was completed in under 20 minutes and now I have a chair that I can play games, watch videos and use my Gear VR in.

Four months with the Dormeo Espo Octaspring Manager Chair

I have had this chair in my possession for over four months and I have to say that it’s pretty good so far. There are no indications that the chair is falling apart and the padding still feels the same as it did when I first bought it. The leather stitching is still in place and the color doesn’t have any fading anywhere. The only unfortunate thing is that my stupid metal desk has scratched the right arm. I have the super warranty and might cash it in next year if it continues. Totally my fault and not the chair’s.

During long gaming sessions, I don’t feel the least bit uncomfortable in this chair. Even during warm days, I don’t feel sweaty and that’s great because a leather chair is rarely a smart choice when you plan on sitting for a long period of time.

The chair also has the ability for me to lean back which is great because I like to keep my feet elevated. You can also lock this feature so that the chair remains stationary. The wheels allow the chair to move around freely, but not so much that you’re wobbling around if you shift your weight in the chair.

What I like about the Dormeo Espo

What I like the most about this chair is that it’s a really premium product for 200 dollars. Not too many chairs that I have viewed were this comfortable or premium looking for this price range. Leather was out of the question and the padding on the inside would have probably been compressed by now.

What I don’t like about the Dormeo Espo

There’s really nothing that I don’t like about this chair. I can’t really complain too much for the price. Perhaps if there was a cloth option, I probably would have gone that route instead. I’m a little messy when it comes to eating at my desk and leather care isn’t really what I have the patience for. Also maybe the option for adjustable armrests.

Overall this is a really nice chair for people on a budget or for those looking for a great chair without all the bells and whistles of something that costs twice as much. It’s not as trendy as the racer inspired gaming chairs, but it gets the job done and keeps my butt comfy while I play games and write reviews for comfy chairs. If you’re looking for a good gaming chair or office chair in general, I recommend the Dormeo Espo Manager Chair.