Developer Inspiration Found at Playcrafting SFO’s Winter Play Expo


As a quick background, my name is Tim, I’m normally known as TeamNVIDIA_Tim and Timfinitee. I pretty much went MIA and was nowhere to be seen in the gaming industry when I started attending a Coding Bootcamp, it was two and a half months that felt like an eternity.

I recently attended the Playcrafting SFO Winter Expo, it was a gathering of about 50 indie game dev booths presenting and collecting feedback for their games, about 500 attendees filled the floor.

There were a few booths I jumped onto and they were great! I got to play an adorable fixed shooter called “College Quest,” I played a First-Person Spear chucking game called “Ka’poon,” and I had a blast playing a Multidirectional shooter made by a former SJSU Game Dev member (unfortunately I was unable to catch the game’s name). It was a fun experience trying those games out, but the most beautiful thing I got from it was that it was someone’s art. To share and feel the joy from these games, it definitely gave me a stronger appreciation for these demos.

I then went over to the area where the Playcrafting SFO students were working on their game projects and the Playcrafting SFO staff went over the curriculum. This is where I had a moment of clarity; I couldn’t help but notice that the students were happy.

Coding was a tough learning experience, and my Coding Bootcamp experience seemed to have deeply embedded thoughts that coding is roughly for business. But Playcrafting SFO’s event has inspired me to take the focus off being militant in what you write, and strive to enjoy anything you build.

Though there are nightmarish stories about being a game dev that circulate within the industry, the reward of purely enjoying what you make is something that definitely outweighs the fear. I’m truly inspired by this event and there’s now a part of me that would like to pursue some game development myself, props to you Playcrafting SFO!

The next Playcrafting SFO event will be the Spring Play Game Expo, it’ll be held on April 26th, 2018. Check out their eventbrite page for details!