Death Trash : A Scumbag Worm First Look

Death Trash is a game that was recently announced to be officially in development on August of this summer. I happened to stumble on the project after a gif appeared on my wall that lead me to some random dev on Twitter, that I just happened to be following. I was immediately sold and madly in love with the project after scrolling down on his twitter page of lust and acid, the more I seen, the more I did not know how I would feel if the project ended up dieing off and never being presented to the masses.

So far the only media that happens to be out their of the game are a few gifs and a ton of concept art from a dev , that was once not sure, but hopeful, of a dream that would come to the surface and one day become a reality. Then a Few months pass and now we are here with a website, title and 30 second animated video to boot.

From what it looks like, after stalking the amazing man by the name of Stephan Hövelbrinks‘s Twitter, it seems that the project once started off as a short story game called There are no Demons, with a more short character pixelated art, that threw shade at the rpg’s of the old, before going the new modern route of Gods Will Be Watching and a few others we have come to see the last few years.

The first thing that will catch your eyes and your heart when looking at the few screen shots available to the public would be the art and if not, then it would be comedic genius that we have all been missing from a post apocalyptic game. Yeah sure, The recent fallout series throws a bit of funny boned jabs here and their, but the majority of the time it’s all dark and moody, filled with drama and pain, which becomes a little bit of a overkill with the brown settings of the wastelands.

 I am not saying those are bad things, I’m sure the project formerly known as The Isometric Role Playing Game, will include all those things and more, but it will at least do it with a fun and awesome style we have not yet gotten to experience in a game of it’s nature.

Though I am not completely filled in with the information of when the game was truly started or know if the majority of what I speculated on is 100 percent accurate, I have seen glimpses of hints at Joseph announcing coding starting all way to July of this year, The Website and Game Title announced in August and a few screen shots of a game with similar trippy art going back a few months to around May of this year.

(ScumBag Worm First Looks should be taken with a grain of salt, the majority that is written about a game other then it being developed is just speculation and excitement coming from the writer at the moment of the article being created. Think of it a little like a hyper active child jumping in front of a candy store before it’s even open, while yelling how much he’s going to love everything he gets his hands on, before he has even gotten a chance to taste the candy.)

Just give me a a collectible figure with actual articulation and a toy shotgun of the punk blue haired protagonist and I will cancel my Fallout 4 pre order my friend. Can’t wait.

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