Cities Skylines DLC Review

Last year, Cities Skylines was released. Now that there are two DLCs available, I broke it out to give them a whirl.

Before I start, I need to remind you of my original review of the vanilla game. I had some pretty good things to say about Colossal Order, and Cities Skylines in general. CS was a perfect successor to the SimCity series, and I have spent a lot of time playing it. It’s a perfect time waster. Does it have some issues? Yeah, but no game is perfect. I was pretty glad to hear a couple DLCs had been released, so I purchased them for a total of 27$ last weekend and I’ve put about 12 hours into them now.


I’ll be blunt. I don’t know if they are worth the purchase. Both DLCs added several things to the vanilla base game, and there are a lot of mod makers who have created thousands of new buildings, tools, and other ways to play the game. Personally I’m not too upset about spending the money, because the original was only 30$, and I got plenty of time out of it. I’m okay with supporting good developers.


The first DLC was After Dark. This DLC added in a day/night cycle, and new commercial zoning types; leisure and tourism. The night cycle is pretty neat, because you get to see your cities in all their splendor at night time. It’s a bit annoying while you’re building, but you can disable it temporarily. It doesn’t have a very large effect, other than being able to pass policies that make certain areas a “night” area that becomes more active.


The two commercial zones are interesting, but ultimately pointless. They add nice scenery, but there isn’t much of a point to having a touristy area or a leisure area. I was sad that they can’t upgrade like other zones, so they are always at max level.


A few new buildings were also added with After Dark. Some nice little touristy types of stuff that adds some flavor. I did like those.


Cities-Skylines-SnowfallNext up is Snowfall. This adds a new map type, which obviously, is snowy. This adds a nice touch to the map, and also brings with it a new problem. Heating! You can build geothermal factories, or boiler ones. Basically it’s the same as running plumbing normally, except red.


Also a few buildings like hockey rinks, snowmobile parks, and ice castles.


All in all, if you are a huge fan of the game, get em. Otherwise if you casually get on to build a city, then forget, I wouldn’t bother.